Whatever it takes

When the Amarr transmuters are turning on in the warzone and international tensions are escalating, there have been some hard questions - some sincere, some mocking, some scared, some thinking themselves brave - towards us of the Tribes who flew with Edencom in the Invasions.

“Do you regret it already?” they ask. “Do you understand now? Do you finally realize what you risked?”

Those questions are ignorant. No, we did not know what exactly happens, we are not Seers or gods; we did not maybe expect the Amarr to be as reckless as to dabble in technology poorly understood, in systems already unstable… but yes, we knew.

There was a time, before Shakor’s, when some of us were willing to trade temporary honor for long-term survival, while others sped foolhardy into temporary gain over long-term freedom. There was a time, two years ago, when some of us were willing to do what needs to be done to ward off immediate destruction of our homeworlds, while others recoiled in distaste and would have let more of our worlds to fall into Triglavian hands as price of not having to get their hands dirty. We took the risk, we fought, and we knew we might be paying a price.

We did not fight for the Amarr, blinded by the high sun of sweet words. We fought for humanity and the survival of the Tribes, in a falling night, facing the setting sun.

And we will do it again. And again. And again, as long as there’s one of us standing. I care not how the righteous of this universe judges us. I do not care if the path is twisty and takes us this way today, another tomorrow. Glory is a luxury the desperate cannot afford, and as long as there is a path, I’ll take it.

Whatever it takes, ladies and gentlemen. Whatever it takes, never again another long night.

Elsebeth Rhiannon
Independent capsuleer
Member of the Sebiestor Tribe
Keeper of Tradition

PS. While the above does not necessarily represent the views of my clan or alliance, this does that of the latter: shoot the Fleet, we shoot you. You have been warned.


Keep telling yourself that your endless retreats, broken principles and promises, compromises and backpedaling whenever the hard choices come along are for survival and our people. I will even go so far as to believe that you might even believe it when you say it.

It’s just such a pity that every inch you keep giving keeps turning into miles and lightyears, with our people endlessly closer to being lost, every single time. With nothing to show for it in return but the real existential threat to our people being strengthened by your choices and actions.

That is what your endless cozying up to these threats will end up in. The final ultimatum, the end of our people, as they see that you will always allow them one more inch, one more mile, one more concession and one more compromise, with every single excuse that appears on the horizon.

There’ll always be some threat out there. Your continuous and constant mistake is thinking that our people are ever served by allowing one of them to be treated as anything but a threat and an enemy simply because of your fear and convenience.

“Whatever it takes” indeed, except anything even close to resembling strength, fortitude, principle or courage. In your fear of a Long Night, you ensure an Endless one.

Mizhara of the Isle of Thule.
Independent Capsuleer
Member of the Sebiestor Tribe
Volur and Penumbra.


Some of us wonder what recent events will mean for EDENCOM and capsuleer coalitions built in its footprint. Do you have any comments?

I’d hardly call them coalitions, myself. Kind of grand word for something so ephemeral where at least half of the people involved are basically just using each other as extra cannon fodder and waiting for the right moment for the backstab.

Fate walks on twisted paths. Time will tell.


My enemy’s enemy is just that. That we chose to defend the tribes does not mean that we forgave the enemy, nor that we conceded to them. The Failures of Edencom are not the failures of the tribes, but that of Concord that has become bloated and infested with rot.

Do not let your rage and pain confuse prudence with cowerdice.


Well said.

Pragmatism as a means for survival can be argued to have its merits; as our once-betraying Nefantar kin concealed and preserved the Starkmanir til their rescue nearly a decade-and-a-half ago aided in preserving the Minmatar as a whole, the resounding glorifications of the Republic among Liminal Provings was guaranteed through acquiescence to the assembly of EDENCOM.

Time will tell whether the “Fortresses” now directed by Amarr believer Kashia Valkanir will require liberation - and indeed, the permitted theft of the single Dazh Porevitium Transmuter left behind after the abominable Empire forced us Kybernauts back makes such a thing seem far more likely.

The Amarr will not be permitted to gain a further unearned technological edge through this exploitation of ties and infliction of hierarchical domination. There is no polity in New Eden better-aligned in the Flow of Vyraj than the Republic; I aim to assist my kin in the “reclaiming” of these prototype Transmuters, and hope that the freedom afforded by knowledge may allow us all to better unite in shared procession toward the ideal state of humanity.

Though in Liminal Proving our efforts were opposed, here we are in alignment, sister.
I look forward to the mortification of the Empire’s aspirations and the glorification of the Matari.

Svreja Bjokor
Child of the Sebiestor Tribe,
Proving toward Vyraj


I think it is very generous of Amarr to drop their sparkling new toy where the Minmatar can take it (eventually). An elegant, humble, strategically well thought-out decision that will have no negative consequences in the future.

Val en Thielles
Sacrilege class heavy assault cruiser

Freedom is not granted. It has ever been fought for. Our people know it better than most.

You speak of principles broken. Compromises made. Yet one remains true above all. Our arms remain strong. Our spirit remains free. Our people remain untethered. Any compromise made pales before that.

Are there periods of hardship? Yes. There are times where all one can do is endure. Fight to retain what shred of a hold you have left. Fight to protect those core tenets that cannot be lost. Compromises must be made in such times. There is no dishonor in that; even if those you protect; those who do not fight, may judge you from the safety of their homes. You must endure that burden too.

Was the partnership of Edencom a mistake? No. It was a burden to bear. A necessary hardship to ensure the threat of the Triglavians could be endured. It was distasteful. It remains so. Yet it was and is necessary to protect our people. To ensure those tenets are never compromised. Through it, the safety of dozens of our star systems was ensured.

In that partnership though, it cannot be denied that we flew too close to the sun. In the name of unity, trust was placed in the Amarr. That transmuter never should have been saved. It should never have been trusted with them. It took years, but now we see that trust betrayed. It comes as a surprise to none.

But as ever, we stand against it. There are those on the frontlines doing everything in their power to reclaim our systems and protect our stars even as we speak. There are some fighting every day to ensure those transmuters are safe in our hands.

You have it wrong Mizhara. When hard choices come along, we stand together and we stand strong. No backpeddling or retreats. Those of us that fight stand together. I implore you to leave these forums and join us.

Even with all of Edencom, we still lost two systems. For too many, our tenets were broken. If we stand united now, thanks to the Amarr’s efforts, there just might be a road to get them back.

Kyra Andile
Independent Capsuleer
Pale Flame


Nothing, in all likelihood. Those initiatives are predicated on shared opposition to a common threat, rather than on bonds of friendship.


I called on all Matari Capsuleers to take up arms against the Triglavian invaders.
I spent every waking moment defending Republic and Federation systems.
That is what I was born to do.
Those who did not can go wrestle with their own conscience instead of spitting venom.


“Whatever it takes?” Not a very stirring catchphrase. Was not the old refrain “All invaders must die?” You know, the one you would unabashedly throw around during and just after the invasions, with the not-so veiled dual intention of condemning both Triglavians and Amarr as essentially the same?

I am no PR expert but seems burdensome to make a whole new tagline when the old one would do just as well, if not better.

Whatever it takes, Shutaq Newelle. Whatever it takes.


Whatever it takes is more than what you have.

And you think I don’t know that? But one does one’s best.

Well, I await the epic showdown between Dread Tribal Warrior Rhiannon and Lord Scumbag Newelle. Shall be a battle songs will be sung of.

You could sell tickets.

I sincerely doubt any of this will be down to either of us. Also I am not really a warrior beyond ‘everybody mines, everybody fights’ and I have no intent to be.

Shouldn’t that be ‘Lord-Consort Scumbag-Newelle’?

I am contractually obliged to point out that the Kaztropolis Grand Arena is available for hire for sporting competitions, 250k seating capacity, and Kaztropolitan certified non-toxic safety sports mud is also available for purchase for sporting or other applications.

I think the correct form of address in this case would follow the convention of using the relevant positional title, before the name, then appending it with the feudal title.

“Scumbag Aldrith, Lord-Consort Newelle”

It’s a contextual thing. Like… if someone has a Navy rank, and a feudal rank, then when referring to them when discussing Naval matters, it would be “Captain (name), Lord (holding title)”. Consorts are referred to by the name of their senior spouse.
When referring to them in civil matters, they’d be referred to only by their feudal title.

So, it would be along the lines of…
Captain Shutaq, Lord-Consort Newelle when addressing, or referring to, Aldieboo on military matters.
Aldrith, Lord-Consort Newelle, when addressing or referring to him in civil matters.
Lord Aldrith, when you’re one of his subject peons supplicating to him.
Scumbag Shutaq, Lord-Consort Newelle, when addressing him in the context of him being a scumbag for some reason.