A Thread of Critical Words

Inspired by Miss Julianni Avala’s “A Thread of Kind Words”, I would like to use this thread to take one of the most positive things in my life (the constant admonishments from my parents under which I chafed but crafted me into the man I am today) and harness that loving disapproval for our collective self-improvement.

-Post something critical about the person that has most recently posted here.
-It MUST be something negative. Don’t be the person who turns this into a positive experience.
-Try to keep from posting repeatedly, so as to allow as many as possible to get their medicine. This is not meant to be an ego destroyer, but a chance to bring a positive negative interaction between Capsuleers which helps them grow while not causing the deaths of countless baseliners.
-Don’t reply to rebuff a critical statement made about you. Just take it like an adult and either use it to contemplate making a change or bury your feelings deep, deep down inside. Breaking this rule in particular means you are announcing to the IGS that you lack good sense, the control to act with honorable and polite conduct, and the ability to be a grown up.

Seeing as there is now way in which this can go wrong let the community assisted self-introspection begin!


You look like a desiccated avocado where someone fingered a hole.


Your sociopathy remains within ‘functional’ levels. It’s like you’re not even trying.


You look at people on your own side as enemies because they dont jump to a single conclusion but seek multiple options.


This is childish. You’re all children.


You seem to be unable to realize that there is productive opportunities in criticism


You’re stuffy and self-important and I imagine you’re one of those rotty people who assumes people ought to just sit still and listen to you until you’re done insulting them because YOUR criticism, it is logical and valuable! Unlike other people’s criticism, especially of you, which is petty and misses the point of what you were trying to say.

Something about you seems very like you are one of those people.

Also, you quote SO much more than you write. It makes one’s poor eyes cross so much.


You’re… deceptive. Every time I talk to you you’re so kind and bubbly! Then I see things you’ve said to others, about others, even members of your own corp that would make Nauplius cringe.

Oh! I finally figured out what to call it.



You were soo supportive of Nauplius, and he did not return the favor, nor from the looks of it is even supported by others aligned with your cause.


You posted a second time in this thread.

Seriously, pilots, I don’t think this is a good idea. This thing’s painful to look at already. Someone’s going to do real, permanent damage, and maybe already has.


You are way too fatalistic about practically everything. You shrug at just about everything no matter how golden or rotten they are. I had a feeling that if all your assets are unlawfully appropriated and divvied up by every scum and lowlife in the cluster, you would just shrug and rationalise about it all day long instead of doing anything active about it.

It’s like you are just waiting to be obliterated into your constituent atoms. I can’t really get that about you.


Your inability to judge the tone of a conversation and sometimes misinterpreting humorous banter due to lack of general culture can be infuriating.


The only reason that you or anyone else is posting in this thread is out of an extremely immature desire to know what people think of them.


I would post an insult generator so you could insult yourselves if I thought this thread was worth it :sunglasses:


It is Possible to be Critical without being Insulting. You are seemingly Not the Only person to Conflate the Two Concepts.


I think Synthia is a dumb name and that every capsuleer that works under an alias are dumb and up to no good!

You’re not even a real cultist! Like, literally!


Your “science” makes a mad scientist’s work seem rational, moral, principled, and well-reasoned.


Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of Elderberries!

You use very tired, cliche and uninspired insults. We’ve all seen that holo with this line; the Udorian atop his castle keep mocking the Amarr Emperor outside his gates. While the insult was hilarious and creative when it first came out, we’ve all seen it about a hundred times by now.

Though there may still be some uncultured swine who haven’t seen it yet… But it’s still not funny unless it’s in the context of the film!


Go away, or I shall taunt you again!