A topic of open discussion

I would like to start a discussion of certain, specific topic.
As I spent my youth as a spoiled, naive scion of a liberal-holder family of Amarr prior to my proud current apostate life, I remember the taste of Long-Limb served alongside fine import.
As I pledged to renounce my faith for the cause of freedom, I realized that such decadent edible luxuries are farmed with toils and suffering of the oppressed.
In current times I am capable of enjoying such delicacies only with monetary reward of honest labor a capsuleer can perform, not taken for granted by my familial wealth.

After I found myself lost in thought being reminded of such memories, a fascinating curiosity occured to me.
As a capsuleer I am quite capable of tasting many cultures in my travels, I am quite impressed what the gourmets and cultural restorationists of Brutor tribe are capable to do with their Khari ovens, I want to know their views and perspectives of it.

Thus here I attempt to open a place for discussion without any enmity among different allegiences.

Capsuleers, Citizens, Generals, Leaders.
What are some signature dishes of your own culture that you are especially proud of?

The Amarrian royalties prohibits other from tasting the delicacy of Nidupadian Yorak Eggs like the tyrants they are, and some of the books I read that ancestors who settled Gallente prime used to be known for their exquisite cuisine.
Caldarians, sadly, I have little expectations but I have first-hand experience how the Matari can perform such enchanting experience with their control of fire and exotic spices.

Not just empires, but surely the chefs who work under the Serpentis leaders must be exceptionally talented to satisfy the decadent needs of their employers, I read what the capsuleers salvaged from the Guardian’s Gala Logs that they have arranged shipments for shrimps and ice-mass alongside other festivous commodities and regrettably, oppressed human beings forced to cater.



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