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We need more lore on food.
I mean not just amarrian wheat, yorak eggs, long-limbs or frozen foods, but actual dishes.
Ni Kunnians are described to be spice heavy, but i have yet to see what the actual dishes are.
I wonder what luxries imperial chefs could whip up for their priveleged holders, and Gallente, which Gallente prime is settled by french settlers, will have definite influences from the french haute cuisine culture.
Sushi… is too real life for Caldarians but i am sure even the Minmatar will use traditionally blended exotic spices in their fare.

Pastries of Long-Limb roes? Klaakiota Vodka Sauce to accompany with Pasta of Amarrian wheat? Use of Minmatar Kapli breads? Quafe floats?




They probably have their true slaves eat each other haha…
realistically speaking they would provide more tasteless, degraded version of Caldarian Protetin pastes while the upper echelons would revel in utmost debaucheries.

I wonder what the Chief Chef of V. Sarpati would do to satisfy the serpentis leaders’ decadent tastes.

The guardians gala had lots of shrimp and ice delivered after all.


Jita Green

You would imagine vast shipments of foods would be moved from region to region too, courier agents would have shopping lists rather than ’ move this container that weighs silly amount to point b’
imagine if you could make these foods instead of or as opposed to your normal pi and shipments to places would actually cause people in systems to celebrate (firing fireworks and announcing how much they love capsuleers)

Iron Chef Capsuleer edition is going to be hillarious for sure.


you know an event for capsuleers to record themselves making a local cultural dish (in real life) might actually be fun and those could be made tradable additions or mission items to the game and to the lore.

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Actually we should discuss this at the IGS board haha

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Id be interested in watching it tbh, i am always on the lookout for new dishes to try :smiley:

I would rather see a New Eden version of Vegan Black Metal Chef.

It is sad nobody found quafe floats worthy of notice.
As for the ‘black metal chefs’… lets leave to the blood raiders and sanists for that.

Hey, I collected what food-related tidbits I could locate on a recent lore dive here:

It’s not much but maybe some of those can serve as starting points?


…You mean we need a dedicated lore team, large enough to actually go on a worldbuilding spree?


^ We do have a dedicated lore team… As I understand it often they use their own free time to do stuff for us. The lore team just has kept shrinking over the years since the people in charge of overall company resources dont think of it as important. Thats how it at least looks like as a player and story enthusiast.

I swear I hadn’t noticed. But fear not, my amateur fan fiction will contribute to this by taking out my character ( that annoying banker) for a food scene. Yummmm made up Sushi in Thebeka(what?)…Maybe the dedicated lore team will see this and gives me validation( or not really, I am not that popular) …Who knows we might even go with some developers over actual sushi in a live event(to discuss the role of sushi in the EvE universe). v0v #nocollusion

Anyway, and not derailing this, thank you @Teinyhr for answering my question. @Octavech_Raholan if I come across anything lore tidbit I ll certainly share.

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