The New Eden Cook-Off: Winners announced!

Check out the dev blog for the results of the New Eden Cook-Off.

Please share your thoughts on the recipes and contest here!


Nom nom nom!


Nobody used Veldspar as an ingredient, sadly.


While the foodstuff looks nice and all… sadly, there is nothing about EvE in winners’ dishes except the name. Imo.

The only receipt, the graal of all Eve cooking arts made by fellow capsuleer u/Delaser

You can find his submission here :

Dank leaks from CCP’s answer to it :


Salt-Egg was by far the best submission.

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Let’s be fair, here. Who would want to invent a dish where one of the main ingredients is a toxic, corrosive mineral that reacts just as violently with a nitrogen/oxygen atmosphere as alkali metals do with water, much less eat it?

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Hi there Ms Steak, if you look at the recipe every dish is tied to in game lore or items.
The dessert (starcakes) is an in game item I made based on its description.

This is for even the drinks seen in the photo.

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hmmmmm Foodtalk & Sextalk used to be banable offenses in my fleets - we’d kick the pilot and kill him on the spot :grin: ahhh the good-ol days !

The Capsuleer wasnt even mentioned. Fake news, shows how out of touch the CCP really is.

Gratz to all the winners, very creative capsuleers.

The Sarpati Family Meal definitely deserves 1st place.

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Just my opinion, because my isk account is a bit low and I cannot get enough funds to purchase (buy) any of the top contenders delightful meals, but the:: Les tours de la vie (The Rounds of Life) from Robert Dozier is, my opinion only, 1st place prize. oh yea! ((will some pilot hit that, said, crash cymbal! ;)) fly cool!

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