Eden's Cuisine

Where are your favorite places to eat in New Eden? Whether it’s a quick bite or fine dining, tell me what you enjoy and why.

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Personally I am a fan of sustainable living.
I collect frozen corpses from the warzones and give them to my favorite Sushi Chef on Asakai - State Protectorate Testing Facilities.

We have a … understanding…

I pay 2 ISK for each meat popsicle he turns into a delight of fatty flesh.
It’s a good to place to get a quick bite before getting back into the fight.

His services or not on the public menue however. I guess it’s a capsuleer special.

The nutrition fluids can be quiet … dull and boring.

Other exciting foods I enjoy are the Slaver Hound Ribs on the fringes of Ammatar Space.
They smoke them in Spirits over Veldspar Coal. When you get to Uplingur, look for the authentic Nefantar cuisine.

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That’s, um…

When I have an appetite, I enjoy beef shawarma. I’m not sure where they keep the cattle, but it’s usually fresh in highsec. Of course you can get it fresh in lowsec, but there’s a different taste to it.

As a Gallentean, I’m biased, but we make the best of anything. Our chefs have a preternatural talent for perfecting whatever cuisine we find, and you likely won’t find better food than in Caille.

The best steaks of any kind are served on The Crystal Boulevard, but of course it’s all overpriced. You might even pay 2e4 Z for a blue lobster, but it might just be worth it, even just once in your life.

I highly recommend Redeaux, the retro restaurant experience. They’re known for their massive restaurants, split into various sections with an amalgamation of ancient cuisines from as far back as the 20th century.

For the true food aficionado, they have the museum downstairs, where you can see what they grew and raised back then, and how they prepared it. There’s something rudimentary and charming about chef knives and potato peelers.

The corn syrup, though. My God, no wonder they only lived into their eighties.



I question your loyalty to the State.

True Caldari citizens eat State Sponsored Protein Delicacies. Not this Hedonistic individualized cuisine.

Hah. The State died with Tibus Heth.
This new State is just as weak in the knees as the Gallente.

My loyalty is to the Interstellar Kredit.
And ISK is paid into my account based on bodycount.

Now if these bodies pile up I might as well Sushi them up my friend.

Glory to … whoever pays best.

Even if that’s the Gallente, that you seem to be so outspoken against?

Well, considering I fought for the Gallente in the warzone before…

See… the thing is.

All of the Empires love to present themselfes as the knights in shining armor, considering the Amarr quiet literally.

The State died with Tibus Heth.
Now it is some watered down and corrupt collection of corporations and the great meritrocracy has died when nepotism took root.

The Minmatar, the forever victims, I long for the days when the so strong and independent Minmatar finally stop crying about slavery and playing the victim card whenever things dont go down how THEY want it. Still sucking on the titty of the big mama Gallente Welfare State.

Lets continue shall we ?

Imperial Major, man did I have a great time in the 24th Imperial Crusade.
You know what is great about working for religious zealots ?
They have a clear set of morals, a clear boundary of what is considered moral action and if you operate within these lines… no questions asked.
Very easy to work with and honestly… The scriptures make sense, learned a lot too.

The Gallente… boy oh boy do I hate them… ? No actualy I don’t.
Just despise the braindead masses that fall for their propaganda.
Why ? Because they are masters and backstabbing and trickery and hard to do business with and they wage a war on the entire Galaxy including the Minmatar without anybody noticing. They have successfully turned minority groups and all sorts of degeneracy into a political weapon and subverted institutions, cultures and morals throughout the entire galaxy.

If you think about it is kind of hilarious. But at least they pay good.

No. I don’t think this is hilarious at all. It would seem that you are a tried and true merc!

The best kind.

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You ever spend some time with the Sansha ?
Never again I tell you… these folks, I mean even the ones that … presumbly didn’t have their brains cooked.

They creep me out. You know what they eat, since we were initialy talking about food stuffs ?
I kid you not… they have massive fedo farms, which then get turned into a goo and fed to the masses.

Of course the higher ups… the … lets call them freethinkers have nice steaks and spiced wine.

I came across Taste of Amarr, a hole in the wall diner in Jita. It’s owned by an Amarran family that has donated a considerable sum of their profits to feed beggars in Jita, and to advocate for peace between people in New Eden.

It’s nice seeing a place where the Amarr, Caldari, Gallente, and Minmatar can sit down and enjoy meals together without squabbling.

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You guys know this is out of character, yeah?

There are loads of in-character venues that offer food :slight_smile:

I thought I’d posted in the in-character forum. Oops.

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((I’m confused. The OP posed a question of what characters like to eat. It derailed a bit. And me, not being the most observant so I’m probably missing something, but in the attached screen shot this thread is under player fiction. Am I missing something?))


Player Fiction is considered out of character. Intergalactic Summit is IC :slight_smile:

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Crashing the little party because OP posted in the wrong section.



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I wasn’t crashing anything. I was just pointing it out :roll_eyes:

If a moderator wouldn’t mind, I’d like this thread moved to the appropriate “in-character” roleplaying forum. I’ll flag my own post and ask that the off-topic posts be removed, though I’m grateful for the correction.

I’ve spoken with the mods and we agree it is easier to close this thread than to move it. I’ll be more careful in the future about where I put in-character threads.