Recommendations for bars and clubs

To make this as short as possible: if someone was thinking of organizing a series of evenings out to showcase capsuleer-friendly pubs, bars, restaurants, clubs of New Eden, which ones do you suggest they’d visit and why?


The only bar I occasionally find myself at these days is The Shackled Amarr.

There’s even a couple employees who’ve started to serve me of their own accord recently, which is a nice change.


Café Marlinea
Mehatoor VI - 24th Imperial Crusade Logistic Support - Capsuleer Community District

A small but lovely coffee house with a terrace where the Amarr and Gallente cultures blend in a way that is pleasing to all senses. The smell of pastries (freshly made the bakers in the kitchen) and coffee will lure you in.
Also, I work there, and I prefer to have patrons during my shifts. :blush:


if one wants to travel into null space, syndicate, there are two of note.

The first is the ‘Farthest Star’ in XS-RAY, Cathedral of Syndicate. A bit of a run down place but special enough to its patrons that it was moved in the days before the destruction of the Farthest Shore to Syndicate and reconstructed.

The second is ‘Akuma Sushi Bar’ run by the Akuma Family associated with I-BLU and is in Syndicate.


Kanteena at Oshaima IV logistic support station . Well not a fancy bar or restaurant neither pub… moon view is impressing … if you feel gray blue and do not want to be poked. In old days i really love to go there sit on table in front of those panaromic view towatds the moon think , wrire scribble whole day…


There’s always my venue, L’Amore in Ballo. Always happy to have visitors :slight_smile:


I like attending tea and coffee houses occasionally, but most of them are baseline. I don’t like venues that allow foreigners in: jaijii are very loud, disrespectful and often behave in truly disgusting and disturbing manner.

The best place for jaijii or a capsuleer to find a venue in Caldari Space is capsuleer section of Jita, they have a lot of places to sit and drink, however, I am afraid I cannot name one. Yet, just visiting sections of the station will open a lot of possibilities, they are everywhere there.

If you are on good terms with the Excubitoris Chapter, we maintain a nice little Taverna at the chapterhouse on Oris. It tends to be a quiet place, filled with conversation and poetry.


Pretty big “if” here.

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For the years I have been around these circles L’Amore in Ballo has always been my favourite.


The Delayed Local in Senda.


There is the Gallente Lounge in Caille. Nice view over the crystal Boulevard, and neutral ground as far as capsuleer backgrounds go. James Syagrius is the proprietor and the bar is staffed by Faith DiAngelo or her co-worker Mark.
It’s a relaxed place, but it’s Caille, so there’s plenty of Zero-G places or other Nightclubs if you need something a little more thrilling. Though along the Boulevard it’s mostly baseliner places. Capsuleer friendly as far as you’ll likely have capsuleer-groupies following you around everywhere if they spot your connectors. That’s why I prefer the Lounge personally.

That and the Lounge offers a place to stay for those who need to stay a night.


The ‘Arcadian Strand Bar and Restaurant’ off the Noiplaja Coast, Hueromont Isles, Gallentia, Luminaire VI. Awe-inspiring views of the ocean and the sunset, exquisite food and drink, and a stone’s throw from the coastal resorts that Noiplaja is famed for. Those that went to Federation Day’s capsuleer celebration in YC121 would have been there. Caille might steal most of the popularity in the capsuleer scene but Hueromont is one of the crown jewels of the Federation and should not be discounted. (Booo, Caille!)

For something a bit more light-hearted but also for an establishment that is quite dear to my heart, I can give my wholehearted endorsement to ‘Bel’s Splendid Ice Cream’. A good friend of mine currently runs the place out of a modified Proteus-class strategic cruiser permanently moored in the Ainaille VII - Moon 5 - Duvolle Laboratories Factory. Ice cream fanatics rejoice.


Bel’s is awesome! And it even travels. Mum had her recent birthday party there a few weeks ago.


“The Bar” in Dal has been owned and run by Ushra’Khan members for many years. Although people may say this place is dangerous and full of terrorists and criminals, very few people have actually lost their lives on the premises. Famous for its imported “Floseswin IPA”, hearty cuisine and traditional Minmatar music. A must stop for people of the Tribes and their allies.


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