Returning to Eve after a 6 year break

Greetings, my previous clone jump went haywire and seems I have been disconnected for several years. Been back online a couple of days now and am curious as to where i can find fellow Gallante Rpers. Seems like most my old connections aren’t around anymore and the Gallante Lounge is pretty uneventful now days. I’m also interested in finding a military based Gallante Corps in the near future. Thanks in advance!

Hello Monsieur Technos

I have some acquaintances that may help you out, lets schedule a meeting.

Alain Colcer

That would be fantastic, i frequent the Gallante lounge. Though just a shadow of its past its still a decent spot to grab a drink. Perhaps we can meet sometime.

As I believe I mentioned, the Lounge never intended to be as busy as some Zero G bar along the Crystal Boulevard, and with good reason.

A capsuleer exclusive place, away from baseliners and capsuleer-fanclubs, means it’s a good place to meet people. Further aided by the fact the Lounge is a politically neutral ground so you can set up meetings between people with differing allegiances.

Anyway, that said. If you wanted busy, I hear the Crystal Boulevard is great this time of year.


Yskari, i meant no disrespect to the Lounge. I quite enjoy the company there. Just different crowd than in times past. Thanks again for the recommendation on The Crystal Boulevard. If your off the clock next time i see you drink is on me.

Easy to say, when the Lounge doesn’t charge for drinks.

…still, offer’s appreciated, kid.

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