Nightclub Opening: The Glass House

In recognition of the role capsuleer organizations are playing in the further development of nearby systems and in the defense against the Triglavian and Blood Raider threats, Consolidated Entertainment Group is pleased to announce that they shall be opening and granting on-demand VIP access to all capsuleers at The Glass House, their premier station-side nightclub establishment in Ohide! The ‘soft opening’ date of August 12th is tentatively set. A special event, to be announced, will herald the formal opening date.

The Glass House staff shall allow all capsuleers who can show a current and valid DED ID to bypass the waiting list entirely and proceed straight to security. In addition to waving the entry price, VIP access to The Glass House shall provide drinks at half price, food at 30% off, and access to the nearby hotel suites at 20% off along with immediate access to the full breadth of The Glass House’s facilities.*

*The Glass House is the exclusive property and trademark of Consolidated Entertainment Group. Any and all persons causing an undue disruption to activities at The Glass House are subject to immediate and permanent ejection at the sole discretion of Consolidated Entertainment Group. No weapons or outside food or beverage are permitted on the premises. All attendees must be 18 years of age or older and have valid DED identification. Please drink responsibly.


Could you perhaps give us a little more information on the organization?

Is throwing rocks inside the establishment prohibited or allowed?


Credit where credit is due.

That was good.


Please excuse me in advance, but I’d like to ask you a formal question. I am not implying anything, don’t want to assume, blame or insult anyone. I just need to make sure I won’t stain my honor and reputation and won’t commit something that is not acceptable for Caldari officer shall I visit the venue. For us in the State Honor and Reputation means way more than our lives.

Do you have any direct or indirect affiliation with: Gurista Pirates, Angel Cartel, Seprentis corporation, Ishukone corporation, Gallente Federation, Minmatar Republic, EOM cult, Sansha Nation or any other organization that could be considered as less than honorable in Caldari State?

I’ve been diving pretty hard, so having a place as well as an excuse to cut loose a little seems good. But. yeah. Does your place have a sponsor? Endorsements? …someone I can go yell at in the night and throw bricks through their windows if their place turns out to be a sleazy dive that sells recordings of their clients’ private conversations for ISK, that sort of deal?

Or, you know, if it doesn’t turn out to be sleazy enough in the right ways?

Consolidated Entertainment Group is a baseliner corporation that is licensed to conduct business in all four empires and their dependencies, which has engaged Acme Business Consortium to serve as a liaison to the capsuleer community.

Consolidated Entertainment Group is fully licensed to conduct business within the Caldari State and is in good standing within the Caldari State.

Consolidated Entertain Group has engaged Acme Business Consortium, of which I am the CEO, to serve as liaison to the capsuleer community, thus, you may direct any complaints, comments, or praise to my office and be assured that appropriate action will be taken.

Unless part of a sponsored event that has the appropriate liability insurance, it is prohibited.


I see you mentioned an unspecified “special event”. Would you be willing to discuss being a venue for one at a mutually acceptable time and date? If so, please contact me.


Always enjoy a new club opening.


I’ll be there! Don’t threaten me with a good time!

I trust there will be lots of older, rich Amarrian gentlemen with morals looser than their belts and wallets fatter than their wives?


Oooohhh a club!!

Sounds fun I will have to attend. Ive not gone out to let off some steam in like…ohhh forever. I need to take a bit of a vacation. Cant wait for the grand opening!!


My clients Consolidated Entertainment Group would like me to clarify that, and I quote, “In the interest of the health and safety of other patrons, Sansha loyalists must use holoprojection to access The Glass House.”

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Cite for me one instance of Sansha Loyalists ever causing issues at a public party, celebration, nightclub, or similar establishment.

Or admit this is baseless bias.


I heard Sansha loyalists stole some furniture from somewhere where a party was being held.

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It was proper payment for damages done to us. Everything was settled to the establishment owner’s satisfaction.

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I would, but every time they’ve caused an incident, nobody’s ever escaped to tell the tale!

Prove I’m wrong!


Ah, another place where the insanely wealthy can get discounts and things for free, as if losing an insignificant fraction of their wealth would deter them from visiting, while those who really need or want those things can pay full price.
Does this irony deter me from visiting this new venue? Not at all.


Hello I was wondering about your policy regarding pets you see I was given a Slaver to watch over by one of my Amarrian friends and I would hate to leave him behind out fear that he would get lonely I would think he would make a great conversational piece to your fine establishment as well as being a great Ice breaker.

That is the inherent irony of the capsuleer class. If you are interested in more examples, may I suggest viewing my recent holoreel? Or, alternatively, please do send me a mail and I will get back to you as soon as possible.