Grand opening of Morpheus' Opus

Smiling with a message to you
Greetings, she said with a bow

All are invited to a project I’ve been working on to expand the radio station! The lower level was vacant and from what I can tell was doing some kind of meeting place so I figured I’d buy it out and give being a business owner a try.

Morpheus’ Opus is opening on May 15 13:00 and will remain open for you to meet up but feel free to swing by and help with the finishing touches! Remember this if a meeting place so feel free to connect openly with anyone inside! I’m also hiring people and I need a technician to help with the bartender if he breaks or has logical errors. Let me know if you’d like to help out where and when you can. Please contact me if you are interested.

Here’s the awesome news, open bar on opening night. Not a half bar the whole bar plus it’s fight night we have a few fights going on in the event area! I can also accommodate private quarters for meetings within the establishment. The door way scans your ID into our guest book for better meeting your needs to connect with others just ask the bar keeper! Let us guide you into your new adventure with others. Let make new stories and do great things your name will always be in our database. Find new partners in whatever business you have or maybe just new friends to keep close when you need fleets. We are planning to have have special events every Friday but are open all days.

Location details :
Josameto IV - Moon 1 - Nugoeihuvi Corporation Development Studio below ‘Room-451


Went to “opening”, only found (after some trouble because this announcement was missing the 0 in ‘Room-0451’) locked door, no one to open it. Wasted an hour of my life traveling there and back.

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