I want to get out and talk to people in person more, but I don't know where to go

I’ve been trying to, well, stutter less, and all that, so I think I kinda want to get out and talk to people. In person. Yknow. But I also kinda don’t really know any popular venues… Sooo, suggestions would be nice, please…


((Considering this is an in character forum, I don’t think you meant that response lol))

Tsao, you’re always welcome at my venue :slight_smile:


Cafe Marlinea in Mehatoor is a good option. There’s snacks and it doesn’t get massively busy.

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Bars, people generally become considerably more talkative if you buy them drinks.

or develop a hobby, go to places where you can engage in your hobby, talk to other people doing the same thing as you.


The UNF Raitaru in Eugales has a lounge on the lower decks. It is a bit tricky to find but let me know if you are passing by and I’ll give you directions. I’m also very easy to persuade to stop work for a drink.


Corporations are your friend, find a group doing what you want to do in life and even if you don’t do well talking to people the right group will see beyond that and help you get along with others as you get practice. Most important is the shared interest, give yourself a topic you feel strongly towards that isn’t a chore to talk about and slowly break the ice but focus on the task until you feel ready to open up. That helped me get over my shyness with talking to people at least.


Ms. Aubbes, I would be happen to give you a tour of the Red Temple and the Initiation Chamber.

That better be it! We did just talk about you having women alone in our home!


Yes, Ms. Shi, the tour will be like those given to Daisha and Coulter and Alexis and others.

And besides, Ms. Aubbes is Intaki and does not carry the errors of the Achuran or the temptations of the Vherokior within her.

I think I’ve been there. Maybe.

Pretty sure ms Aubbes has too much of a pulse for him to be interested.


Nothing wrong with not having a pulse.

Undead - yes, unperson - no!


And already he’s looking to ‘entertain’. Not to be crass about it, Ms. Shi, but the man’s proven himself on many occasions to be an obsessive pervert. Why do you think he’s given up any of that? I’m sure he’s got several ‘mobile depots’ around that he makes use of, when the urge hits.


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