A0RA Interstellar WH Corp

A0RA Interstellar WH corp is recruiting active players across all time zones to join us in our C5 Wormhole.
We are primarily focussed on PvE and PvP when opportunity presents itself

What we can offer you

  • Bountiful PI
  • Lots of exploration/scanning opportunities
  • Battleship, Marauder and Dreadnaught ratting
  • Industrial facilities (drug and ship building)
  • Plentiful Gas, ore and ice mining
  • A lovely group of autistic people to talk to and have fun with
  • Static C4 WH
  • Freighter service in and out of the Wormhole

Our requirements applicants must have

  • Willing to train our doctrines
  • Able to fly cruisers with covert cloak
  • Able to fly T2 mining frigates
  • Able to fly Battleships
  • Able to fly Marauders
  • Able to fly Scanning ships
  • Able to fly Hole Rollers (your choice)
  • Communications: Mumble & Discord
  • Ping Peeky in discord at least 5 times a day
  • Relaxed attitude
  • 30M SP (less will be considered)

Current needs Logi Pilots and Booster Pilots
Marauder pilots
Mining pilots T2 frigs multi accounts additional experienced pilots for more FCs and support roles Active pilots willing to help with the upkeep and maintenance of WH logistics and mapping tools
Indy alts



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