C4-C4/C2 PVP WH corp. Interstellar central technologies

Are you looking for a new adventure?
Have you looked at WH space?
Do you wanna blow people up and make isk?

Then why don’t you check out Interstellar Central Technologies we are a new PVP corp rising from an old one looking for pilots new and old alike. We will teach you the ways of the wh while getting involved with all kinds of wh activities.

What we offer you?
We offer regular roams to scratch that need to shoot at something.
We offer regular guidance
A discord server thats always active
A wide range of station services
Regular ratting ops to help pay for your PVP adventures:

What we expect from you?
To get invloved and enjoy yourself

5 mill sp
Able to be on comms

If your interested message me Dr unKnOwn Tsurpalen or join IT3CHREC ingame

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