C4 C4/C2 New Wormhole corp is recruiting

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Pioneering a new era of affordable Wormhole Space Services

Our mission is to change the economics of Wormhole Space Services in New Eden, making it more accessible to existing customers, new pilots and veterans alike.

Our revolutionary service, made possible by technological advancement, provides:

  • The highest standards of reliability (Teaching courses, pve/pvp ops)

  • A scale of magnitude lower cost than existing alternatives (no minimum skill requirement, newbro friendly, Industry)

  • A highly flexible and customizable rocket delivery system which can be adapted to suit your payload. (cause we do love sending people back to their cloning bay)

We offer the highest level of Customer Service throughout, working with you and ensuring your needs are met at every stage from initial enquiry to delivery of your very first payload.

If you want to contact us or even consider joining our educational program to become a revolutionary thinker of New Eden, feel free to join to our recruitment; IT3CHREC or diplomatic; IT3CH4U chanel ingame or join our discord https://discord.gg/GTDV9E.

Creed Jain
CEO of Interstellar Central Technologies

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