One Void - Come live in the clouds!

One Void is recruiting!
Wormhole corp living in a C2 with HS/C3 statics.
Recruiting players from all over New Eden to enjoy the wonders of j-space.

New to wormholes?
Veteran of countless wormhole battles?
Either way, you’re more than welcome to join our ranks.
We help new wormholers find their place and focus on group play in PVE and PVP


  • English Speaking
  • 5 mil SP
  • Focus on Team play

What we offer:

  • A relaxed, social and casual bunch of people to play with
  • Help getting into wormholes and then some
  • Group activities
  • ISK making opportunities in w-spaceOne Void is recruiting!

Interested? Join our in-game channel “Out of the Void” or our Discord

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Come Join Us! Bob Wills It!

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