AAR 1/15/21 A Day in the Life of a Valklear

1/15/21 AAR written by Lydia vanPersie.

FC: Lydia vanPersie


After the trusty Agency and map informed us of anti-guristas terrorism in the nearby Deklein region, we set out in Slasher, DA SKIRMISH PROPHECY, a fly catcher, a vexor and a support griffin.

Gate after gate, the terrorists scurry to their citadels at the sight of us.

One Banderlog was behind on the meta, and in his 100mn helplessly fed.

We continue onward and find a loki/sabre camping a gate. We engage the renegades, and pick off a single Nosprey, but fall to reinforcements.


We left HQ in 2x Caracal 1x Navy Vexor 1x Jackdaw 1x Slasher, with a timely stiletto later catching up.

We check the local map and decide to raid Vale of the Silent. After a brief mishap involving sensory overload while triple boxing as FC, we arrive in a ratting system only to find that all the ratting ships were in space but not at sites.

One set of Sisters Core Combat Probes later, three ishtars are dead, with a fourth managing to have his rat aggro expire before I could complete the ritual of Bob worship. A Slasher is sacrificed to CCP refusing to implement red cross standings, but I’ll leave it at that.

We move on towards the next nearest thicc ess system and then we tackle what seems like a lone ratting ishtar.

Surprise abyssal scram/web from 16km and we feed both caracals, the VNI, stiletto to some excellent bait tanking by an FRT pilot. I make the call to scatter and a lone jackdaw makes it to safety in NPC Vale.

Hats off to Quantum Whirlpools of Fuxi Legion for elite solo dvd!

VALKLEARS[dot] is recruiting skilled pilots to aid the Guristas Pirates against the menace of the Caldari Navy and their capsuleer lapdogs!

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