AAR: Action of 26th November YC119

This After Action Report was prepared for the Caldari Militia Coalition (CMC) and for public dissemination by Commander Edward ‘Mantel’ Adams of the Crimson Serpent Syndicate Private Military Corporation, regarding the Action of 26th November YC119 executed by Vice-Admiral Chichou Odori’s battle squadron codenamed ‘Force A’ and Commodore Fabian Berg’s flotilla codenamed ‘Force B’.

BATTLE REPORT: https://zkillboard.com/related/30045317/201711261300/
OPERATIONAL VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5vd7TQyRqg&sns=sms

Vice-Admiral Chichou Odori received intelligence on the 25th of November during her defensive operation of a Heiian customs office in Asakai that a small force of Gallentean Federal Defence Union (FDU) pilots were assaulting an Athanor-class installation designated ‘Deepest Mine’ belonging to the CMC constituent member Deepest Slumber. Due to the ongoing defensive operation, Heiian and CMC forces were unable to prevent the reinforcement of the Deepest Mine installation and thus undertook preparations to defend the armour phase of the reinforcement cycle.

The Heiian Naval Intelligence Division received an incident report from the Deepest Mine station crew that the FDU squadron responsible for its reinforcement employed a doctrine consisting of Gila-class multi-role cruisers and Scimitar-class logistic cruisers, supported by a Huginn-class and a Lachesis-class reconnaissance cruiser. Acting on this information, analysts and strategists worked throughout the day to determine the likelihood of reinforcements from allied FDU entities and the number of State Protectorate pilots likely to be active during the armour-defence period. The battlespace surrounding the Deepest Mine facility was charted and tactical warp locations were bookmarked for the use of the fleet commander. A meeting of the CMC Strategic Defence Initiative was convened and during the proceedings it was agreed unanimously that the CMC response fleet would be commanded by Vice-Admiral Odori, that The Bloc alliance would provide Tornado-class battlecruisers equipped with batteries of 1400mm artillery, whilst a flotilla of Armoured Business frigates under the command of Commodore Berg were charged with providing support to the main force.

On the 26th of November the response fleet hereby referred to as ‘Force A’ stood up at the staging point, Fort BLOC, in the Eha Solar System at 12:30PM New Eden Standard Time. ‘Force A’ was composed of a squadron of ten Tornado-class battlecruisers, whereas ‘Force B’, the Armoured Business scout flotilla charged with reconnoitring the Deepest Mine facility perimeter for Vice-Admiral Odori operated nimble strike frigates. The objective of Force B was to prevent the departure of the enemy squadron, whereas Force A would then obliterate the hostile vessels one by one according to the mission briefing. The fleet departed Fort BLOC at 12:50PM and made best speed to the Iralaja Solar System, arriving at 13:08PM with no incidents of note on the voyage. Vice-Admiral Odori instructed Force A to rally up at the meeting point in orbit of Iralaja VIII, when Force A reported multiple unknown contacts breaching the perimeter. The FDU squadron had arrived and an exchange of fire had commenced.

Force B immediately moved to engage the FDU vessels, successfully preventing several of the FDU starships from being able to withdraw from the battle. Additionally, the Deepest Mine installation crew were able to bring the defensive armament and equipment operational and commenced firing shortly after Force B engaged. Force A arrived on the field at 13:10PM, upon which Vice-Admiral Odori selected several priority targets for the fleet to fire upon, successfully obliterating an Arbitrator-class cruiser followed closely by a Gila-class cruiser at 13:13PM. Force B and the crew of Deepest Mine continued to disrupt the warp drives for as long as they had the vessels to do so, which permitted the destruction of a further five Gila-class cruisers and a Huginn-class reconnaissance cruiser within four minutes of the first Gila being eliminated. All the while keeping mobile around the grid to stay within an optimal range of the enemy force, Vice-Admiral Odori ordered Force A to acquire a firing solution on the Lachesis-class reconnaissance cruiser and the three Scimitar-class logistic cruisers, resulting in the termination of the Lachesis and two of the three Scimitars at 13:22PM.

In respect of such heavy losses, the enemy fleet commander elected to withdraw from the battle and retreated at 13:23PM, their force reduced down to a mere three Gila-class cruisers, one Scimitar-class logistics cruiser and one Merlin-class frigate. In the space of thirteen minutes, no less than three thousand million Interstellar Kredits (ISK) of FDU assets consisting of six Gila-class cruisers, two Scimitar-class logistic cruisers, one Lachesis-class and one Huginn-class reconnaisance cruiser were obliterated by the CMC Defence Force. In contrast, CMC losses amounted to forty two million ISK due to the heroic actions of Force B, which suffered a ninety-percent casualty ratio due to the proximity of themselves to the enemy fleet. The Deepest Mine installation armour integrity was maintained at 25% until the completion of the repair cycle, ensuring that the facility was secured. Overall, this represents a ninety-eight point six percent efficiency rating for the CMC.

Search and Rescue teams have located and rescued several hundred FDU and STPRO crewmembers from within the wreckage and escape pods on the battlefield, and salvage efforts have been concluded. Those recovered have been administered aid in accordance with international convention and are being processed on board the Deepest Mine facility to be sent to a prisoner-of-war facility. Security at the Deepest Mine installation has been bolstered by increased levels of surveillance and intelligence gathering. Those surviving members of Force B have been recommended for awards to reflect their valour and commitment to their duty in how they executed the operation. The CMC extends its sincere gratitude and appreciation to Commodore Berg and his subordinates for the manpower fielded by the Armoured Business private military corporation.

This operation was a textbook example of how the CMC should aspire to function. Despite the leadership belonging to the Heiian Conglomerate, and personnel and equipment being sourced from The Bloc, this victory is and should be considered by others a CMC victory. We remain committed to the defence of our constituent members infrastructure, and shall continue to do so for the future.

End of Report

Edward Adams
Heiian Conglomerate


An excellent fleet action Commander Adams-haan. Glory to the Militia.


Good operation.

Glory to the State!

Good to see and hear that the ‘Winston Churchill’ of Calmil, Mantel ‘Golden Voice’ GlobalIndustries is still the man.

PS. Oh right, I even forgot I was there xd
PPS. Oh right, curse thee Chichou!

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Nice work.


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