[AAR] - Operation Avengement – Action of 25th November YC120

This After Action Report was prepared for the Caldari Militia Coalition (CMC) and for public dissemination by Commander Edward ‘Mantel’ Adams of the Crimson Serpent Syndicate Private Military Corporation regarding the Action of 25th November YC120, executed in conjunction with a coalition of alliances to destroy several Snuffed Out installations in the region of Pure Blind. The author extends his sincerest gratitude to pilots Wolfsdragoon, CaseyLP and Vice Admiral Chichou Odori for providing witness statements and information crucial to the production of this report.

Battle Report: https://br.inyour.space/?s=2036,2039,2040&b=8362920&e=555&t=Ksaaabqaarbruf&o=1&f=1

Video Footage: https://youtu.be/-9Pm7Pr1ulo

On the 21st November YC120, three Snuffed Out Astrahus-class citadels were detected anchoring in three star systems in the constellation of S4GH-I within the Pure Blind region claimed by Federation Uprising: D2-HOS, RQH-MY and HPS5-C. This was deemed a critical threat to further control over the region by Federation Uprising command staff due to the status of D2-HOS as their main fleet staging system. Preparations were undertaken by them to eliminate the threat upon the final anchoring vulnerability phase on the 25th of November. These included deploying inhibition fields to prevent activation of cynosaural fields, as well as locking down the constellation stargates with Mobile Warp Disruptors to hinder hostile fleet movements in the sector. During this time, Federation Uprising command dispatched a request for assistance from Weekend Warriors, an alliance based out of the Kinakka star system, as well as the alliances chartered by the State Protectorate: Heiian Conglomerate, United Fleet and Templis CALSF. Both groups agreed to assist Federation Uprising forces, as well as promises of support from the Iron Armada alliance.

Federation Uprising forces stood up at 18:00 New Eden Standard Time (NEST), initially in a mixed composition of Jackdaw-class destroyers equipped with light missile and Cormorant-class destroyers in the ‘Longbow’ configuration, taking position at the Mantenault Stargate in RQH-MY to act as an early-warning picket force. The Snuffed Out fleet, consisting of Rattlesnake-class battleships supported by a sizeable capital squadron that counted multiple Carriers, Dreadnaughts and Force Auxiliaries amongst their ranks. Having expected the possibility of this, the Federation Uprising fleet withdrew to their headquarters to re-equip their pilots into Hurricane-class battlecruisers without logistics support. Over one hundred and fifty pilots were counted in the Federation Uprising fleet, roughly on parity with the forces arrayed by Snuffed Out against them. Snuffed Out were also supported by the presence of a bomber squadron from the Pen is Out alliance, formerly associated with the Federal Defence Union. At roughly 18:42 NEST, the Snuffed Out armada entered the RHQ-MY star system and began eliminating disruptor installations surrounding the stargate.

The disruptors placed on the stargates bought invaluable time for the Federation Uprising fleet to re-equip themselves into the new doctrine, as well as slowing the advance of the Snuffed Out armada for well over an hour according to estimates given by Federation Uprising pilot CaseyLP. Delaying actions were also conducted by Sabres, deploying additional disruption probes to reinforce the screen of disruptor installations already present. Federation Uprising were able to destroy a Minokawa-class Force Auxiliary vessel at 19:00 NEST as well as a Revelation-class dreadnaught at 19:08 NEST. Several more Snuffed Out vessels were destroyed over the next thirty minutes in exchange for a considerable amount of Hurricanes destroyed.

The combined CMC/Weekend Warriors taskforce stood up in the Tartoken star system at 18:30 NEST, with Weekend Warriors choosing a composition of Nightmare-class battleships supported by Scimitar-class logistics vessels, and the CMC electing to field Cerberus-class heavy assault cruisers and Scimitars in addition to Huginn-class and Lachesis-class reconnaissance cruisers. The taskforce subsequently utilised a titan to bridge to the Eha star system at 19:05 NEST, the Templis contingent shortly afterwards at 19:15 NEST, commencing movement to the Aubenall star system as a rallying point before heading into Pure Blind around 19:30 NEST. Federation Uprising forces initially requested assistance with delaying the timer of the Astrahus in RQH-MY until a demolition unit could arrive to finish the job. From there, the taskforce entered into D2-HOS and immediately began assisting the Federation Uprising fleet in attacking the Snuffed Out armada, with many of the latter’s capital vessels having been stranded due to the relentless efforts of Federation Uprising interdictors.

Major fighting was now underway, with the Astrahus in RQH-MY successfully destroyed at 20:12 NEST. The engagement had attracted several alliances eager to take advantage of the situation that Snuffed Out had found themselves in, manifesting in the form of a fleet of Tornado-class battlecruisers from Black Legion and a bomber squadron from Pandemic Legion. With the combined firepower of the Federation Uprising fleet, the Weekend Warrior/CMC task force and the Pandemic Legion/Black Legion force, the Snuffed Out lines slowly but surely began to buckle. A Federation Uprising command destroyer was able to jump off several Rattlesnakes, dooming many of them to destruction as they attempted to return within range of their force auxiliaries. Taking advantage of the confusion and the subsequent regrouping of the Snuffed Out fleet, the Pandemic Legion bomber squadron successfully carried out a bombing run, sufficiently weakening the shields of the Rattlesnakes to an extent where further casualties were sustained amongst their number.

The two remaining Astrahuses were both confirmed destroyed at 20:30 NEST, with Snuffed Out losing Rattlesnakes on an average of two/three per minute from that time. Around 20:42 NEST, Snuffed Out attempted to withdraw from the engagement, successfully extricating several of their Rattlesnakes and dreadnaughts from the field. Several capital-class vessels of Snuffed Out remained on the field and were promptly destroyed, the last at 20:52 NEST.

The Battle of D2-HOS was a major victory for the joint forces of Federation Uprising and their allies as well as the unified taskforce of Weekend Warriors and the CMC, having inflicted ample revenge for the destruction of the Heiian Conglomerate’s Fortress Asakai installation. The total losses incurred by the Snuffed Out armada stood at just over eighty thousand million ISK for one hundred and fifty four starships lost to coalition forces, with an efficiency rating of thirteen point two percent. Coalition forces in comparison suffered twelve thousand million ISK for two hundred and forty two starships lost, with an efficiency rating of eighty seven point one percent. Pandemic Legion and Black Legion losses were miniscule, with only five starships from their organisations having been recorded as destroyed during the engagement.

Search and Rescue teams have located and rescued several hundred crewmembers from all parties within the wreckage and escape pods on the battlefield, and salvage efforts have been concluded. Those recovered have been administered aid in accordance with international convention, and have been transferred into the custody of Federation Uprising sans those of the State Protectorate and Weekend Warriors.

End of Report

Edward Adams
Heiian Conglomerate


Well done!

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While I can’t condone associating with either Legion (B/P), FEDUP are a good crew, and it’s nice to see them and the StaPro forces working together—and good to see Heiian’s Fortress Asakai avenged—all with the caveat that I am speaking only for myself, as I am not a member of, nor have I consulted with, the Corps Diplomatique.


Thank you for a clear and educational report.

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25th November YC120
After teaming up with the whole of Black Rise, WKEND members ponder about how SNUFF will handle their loss on their Rattlesnake battleship class space vessels.

…but yeah it could get very interesting if they come after us now

26th November YC120
As it turns out, SNUFF didn’t handle their loss very well and, upon looking at their navigational space charts plotted a route directly to Aubenal and surrounding systems to begin the hazing of WKEND structures.

Women and Children were evacuated first but unfortunately most were trapped because most of the WKEND forces were deployed to their IRL jobs.

27th November YC120
As the timers on the structures began to exit, a Machariel fleet supported by three poors in regular titans as well as a Molok jumped in to begin shooting the repairing structures. One by one they were put in to their final timers, securing the fate of the clones of people who don’t pay attention to WKENDs internal propaganda broadcasting systems.

What will happen next? I attempted to gain some insight in to our alliances future by visiting a lady in the Aubenal station who claimed she could predict events ahead of time. After emptying my wallet she bowed her head, closed her eyes and whispered…

“Rest In Peace, Las Vegas”

Rest In Peace indeed…

After After Action Report,

Howling Wind


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