[AAR] Operation Savannah - Action of 7th April YC120

This After Action Report was prepared for the Caldari Militia Coalition (CMC) and for public dissemination by Commander Edward ‘Mantel’ Adams of the Crimson Serpent Syndicate Private Military Corporation regarding the Action of 7th April YC120, executed under the command of Fleet Admiral ‘TheLastSparton’ that successfully defended an Astrahus-class citadel belonging to the United Fleet (UF) alliance, a constituent member of the CMC.

Battle Report: https://br.inyour.space/?s=3842&b=8029020&e=90&t=refbbuae

The system of Esesier was a high-priority target for the State Protectorate due to the presence of a Federal Defence Union (FDU) military installation, and was successfully captured on the 17th of March during the Spring Offensive of YC120 that saw over 85% of the warzone fall to State Protectorate forces. An Astrahus-class citadel, codenamed Esesier - Nebula Prime and administered by UF, was a significant factor in logistical and command requirements during this campaign. After the FDU-aligned alliance Guardians of the Gate (GOTG) suffered a considerable security breach in late March YC120, in which 20 thousand million ISK and two Astrahus-class citadels were stolen by a rogue director aligned with the CONOCO alliance, they selected the system of Esesier as the location for their new headquarters. A concerted effort was made by GOTG to wrest control of the system out of the hands of the State Protectorate, as well as reinforcing the ‘Nebula Prime’ installation as part of an attempt to expunge UF infrastructure and influence from the region.

The CMC Directorate received intelligence on the 31st of March from the United Fleet Admiral Don Chack regarding the failure of their fleet to successfully defend the armour repair cycle of Nebula Prime. An FDU strike force of eighteen capital vessels including a support fleet assaulted the Nebula Prime installation, severely outnumbering and outclassing the modest Caldari presence stationed there, which were unable to prevent the FDU fleet from successfully achieving its objective to reinforce the installation into the final repair cycle, which would commence in a week’s time. A meeting of the CMC Strategic Defence Initiative was convened immediately and it was agreed in light of the overwhelming FDU assets committed to their operation against UF that a full response from the CMC as a whole was warranted. The planning phase for Operation Savannah was thus undertaken over the next couple of days as a preliminary step, in which Fleet Admiral ‘TheLastSparton’ volunteered to personally command the defence force, and that the doctrine for the fleet was to be composed of Gila-class cruisers with Basilisk-class logistic cruisers and several Huginn-class and Lachesis-class reconnaissance cruisers in supporting roles. In response to concerns regarding the potential deployment of FDU capital vessels, it was also agreed that a capital squadron would also be within cynosaural jump range at all times in case of such an eventuality.

On the 7th of April, the task force commanded by Fleet Admiral ‘TheLastSparton’ stood up at the Akidagi – Outpost 1 staging point at approximately 17:00PM New Eden Standard Time (NEST). The sub-capital cyno-assault squadron, codenamed ‘Hammer’, would be bridged via the use of a titan-class vessel directly on to the field to maintain the element of surprise. The capital squadron, codenamed ‘Anvil’, would be held in reserve to counter any attempted utilisation of capital assets by the FDU. ‘Hammer’ departed Akidagi - Outpost 1 at approximately 17:30PM NEST and proceeded to be successfully bridged into Esesier at 17:39PM NEST. Additionally, contracted personnel from the SE7EN SINS had arrived to assist in the form of a Muninn-class Heavy Assault Cruiser squadron. United Fleet personnel had in position a picket squadron composed of several Jackdaw-class tactical destroyers equipped with light missile launchers, and reported that an FDU assault fleet consisting of multiple Prophecy-class and Harbinger-class battlecruisers supported by Arbitrator-class cruisers had commenced firing on Nebula Prime. Hammer squadron immediately moved to engage the hostile forces upon confirmation of these reports by reconnaissance assets.

Upon the arrival of Hammer squadron on to the battlespace at 17:41PM, the first priority was to assess the nature of the hostile vessels outfitting. The first Prophecy-class and Harbinger-class battlecruisers were targeted and destroyed at 17:43PM, providing crucial tactical intelligence that would dictate how the course of the battle would be prosecuted. In the space of ten minutes from 17:43PM to 17:53PM the majority of the FDU battlecruiser force was engaged and successfully destroyed by Hammer fleet, culminating in the destruction of the two FDU Damnation-class command vessels fielded, whilst the SE7EN-SINS contractors annihilated the Arbitrator-class cruisers in their entirety. Several Rapid Withdrawal Tornado-class battlecruisers attempting to provide overwatch were successfully driven away by the ‘Nebula Prime’ operator, the defensive armament of the Astrahus being utilised throughout the battle as a force multiplier. A last ditch attempt by the FDU to prolong the battle in Caracal-class cruisers was successfully repulsed with minimal losses, as the battle drew to a close with the withdrawal of hostile elements from the battlespace surrounding Nebula Prime at 18:00PM NEST, with the successful completion of the installation’s repair cycle soon afterwards heralding the victory of the CMC in Operation Savannah. With the evident reluctance of the FDU to commit their capital assets to the operation rendering their intended purpose moot, Anvil squadron nevertheless remained operational until the repairs had been effected and that Hammer squadron were able to withdraw from the system.

Federal Defence Union-aligned entities engaged as part of Operation Savannah suffered severe losses amounting to a total of seven thousand one hundred million ISK worth of starship assets and material, including twenty-one Harbinger-class battlecruisers, five Prophecy battlecruisers, the entire twenty-two strong squadron of Arbitrator-class cruisers, two Damnation-class command vessels, three Guardian-class logistics cruisers, seven Augoror-class cruisers and nineteen Caracal-class cruisers. This represents a twenty four point six percent efficiency rating for the FDU. In contrast, CMC losses amounted to a total of two thousand three hundred million ISK, mainly from the destruction of four-fifths of the Basilisk logistics wing and one Huginn-class reconnaissance cruiser. This represents a seventy five point four percent efficiency rating for the CMC and allied forces present and operational during Operation Savannah.

Search and Rescue teams have located and rescued several hundred FDU and STPRO crewmembers from within the wreckage and escape pods on the battlefield, and salvage efforts have been concluded. Those recovered have been administered aid in accordance with international convention and are being processed on board the Nebula Prime facility to be sent to a prisoner-of-war facility. The CMC not only praises the professionalism and effectiveness of the State Protectorate forces involved, but also of the SE7EN-SINS contractors in their performance as part of the combined task force deployed to the system of Esesier.

The success of Operation Savannah is indicative of the CMCs ongoing commitment to protecting constituent members’ infrastructure and promoting general co-operation within the State Protectorate to ensure a rigorous and rugged fighting force capable of punching well above their weight. The CMC remains ever vigilant against the perils of today and those of tomorrow.

End of Report

Edward Adams
Heiian Conglomerate


20,000 x 1,000,000 = 20,000,000,000 Aka 20 billion? Apologies. I’m just slightly confused about this part.

And this part. All confusion aside it sure sounds like OP success. Congrats.

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That’s correct, a thousand million is also a billion. I just have a fondness for using the long scale, that’s all. And indeed, it was very much so a successful operation.


Excellent report Captain Adams , appreciate it .

Good work, well done.

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Ah, the nostalgia. Excellent report and nice bedtime reading.

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