After Action Report: Federation Peacekeepers engagement against Azdaja Kybernaut Subclade Forces in Eugales System

After Action Report: Federation Peacekeepers engagement against Azdaja Kybernaut Subclade Forces in Eugales System.

Date: 18th June YC125/FC240

To: Federation Combined Special Task Force 15 Capsuleer Liaison, Federation Peacekeepers Command

CC: Durand, Arthur. Special Agent, Nadire District Office of Special Investigations, Federal Intelligence Office, Federation Marshals Service.

Separate CC: Clarke, Alexis. Captain, Caldari Navy Medical Corps.

Subject Matter: Destruction of Azdaja Kybernaut Subclade Astrahus-class Citadel in orbit around Eugales’ star.

Classification Level: Restricted


On the 15th June YC125/FC240, the Federation Peacekeepers became aware of an Astrahus-class structure anchoring in the Eugales solar system belonging to known Triglavian Collective supporters, the Azdaja Kybernaut Subclade, following a routine patrol of the system by myself. Registered as the ‚ÄėMetaliminal Fortress‚Äô it was deduced that they were likely installing such infrastructure in support of the Collective‚Äôs expeditionary force deployed to Eugales. A meeting of the Peacekeepers Command was convened and it was agreed without much deliberation that Kybernaut supporters of the Collective should be denied a foothold in system, if possible to do so, in line with our commitments to supporting the Federal defence efforts in the Cordon.

Those in service to the Peacekeepers were notified one day before the anchoring date of the requirement to forcibly decommission the structure, which did not leave much time to formulate a sophisticated plan of attack. On such short notice, only myself and Captain HC Androidson were able to report as able to commit to the proposed action from the Peacekeepers roster. At my own initiative, I contacted Captain Alexis Clarke of the Caldari Navy Medical Corps (see Lux Invicta coalition) who agreed to render assistance and recommended the services of Captain Faith Griffiths of LUMEN as an interceptor pilot. These services were accepted and it was agreed that Captain Griffiths would be present for the operation.

Myself, Captain Clarke, and Captain Griffiths were on station in Eugales and initiated the operation at 11:21 New Eden Standard Time on the 16th June, meeting no resistance and enabling us to erode the Astrahus’ structural integrity. A Prowler-class blockade runner was sighted docking at the station, presumably carrying the Quantum Core required as a precondition for fulfilling the anchoring requirements of the Astrahus. It was unable to be intercepted, and our presence was now known to the Azdaja Kybernaut Subclade.

At approx. 11:25 New Eden Standard Time, the Azdaja Kybernaut Subclade defence squadron made their appearance known and engaged myself and Captain Clarke with a Proteus-class strategic cruiser and Curse-class combat reconnaissance cruiser, supported with a Taranis-class interceptor screening off Captain Clarke’s stealth bomber from being able to assist. Captain Griffith moved to engage the Taranis, but found themselves ensnared and ultimately destroyed by Azdaja Clade ships. Whilst Captain Griffiths was able to withdraw from the field in their escape capsule, I was able to destroy the Taranis before having to withdraw from the field myself, having lost positional advantage and with my own vessel in immediate danger. Captain Clarke reported that the Quantum Core had been installed and that the repair cycle had begun, leading to a race against time to muster additional firepower in the face of fierce Azdaja Clade resistance.

A call for immediate reinforcements was requested by myself after the destruction of Captain Griffith‚Äôs interceptor by the Azdaja Subclade defence squadron. Pilot-Captain ‚ÄėCameron22‚Äô, a direct-enlisted pilot from the Cynosaural Field Theory capsuleer alliance (refer to report on Covryn Special Defence Zone), responded with fielding a Kronos-class Marauder vessel for heavy fire support. Additionally, Captain HC Androidson of the Federation Peacekeepers answered the request, augmenting the squadron with an Exequror Navy Issue. Having regrouped, the squadron re-committed to the field and commenced further bombardment of the station. Further attempts by the Azdaja Clade forces to intervene against our squadron resulted in the destruction of their Stabber-class cruiser and a second Taranis, with their Curse forced to disengage after receiving extensive damage.

At 11:54 New Eden Standard Time, the structural integrity of the Astrahus was compromised beyond repair and it’s destruction was certain. The Quantum Core was secured and initial search and rescue efforts were carried out by Captain Androidson who returned to salvage the wreckage, resulting in the detention of several survivors. Notification was given to local authorities for further search and rescue operations to be carried out after the initial sweep concluded.

We will continue to monitor the situation in Eugales as it develops in support of the Federal authorities and where appropriate, CONCORD assets. The Triglavian Collective and their supporters in the independent capsuleer community will likely make further attempts at exploiting the turmoil in system for their own objectives which remain unknown at this time, although likely related to the enduring operations by DERAIL and SARO in system. They will be contested at every opportunity, where practical to do so, and in conjunction with our allies.


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