Operation Prism Break - The Capture of the Kurala Constellation

22nd March YC122
Assiettes VI – Northern Colonial Commonwealth, City of Rhamnus, Port of Adrasteia Field Office
NADSC Office of Public Relations

Authorised for Immediate Release:

As of the 22nd March YC122, capsuleer forces affiliated and serving under contract to Federal Defence Union (FDU) concluded the operation that commenced on the Thursday 19th of March to secure the remaining systems in the Kurala constellation that were held by the State Protectorate (STPRO): Asakai, Ikoskio and Prism. This operation was planned and executed as a joint-effort by GMVA, Guardians of the Gate and other FDU entities including Nadire Security Consultants to remove State Protectorate forces from an area that had been under longstanding State control, with Asakai and Prism in particular having the distinction of being in continuous control since YC116, for a period of 2,010 and 2,027 days respectively. Prism was also the primary headquarters for Strike Commander Diana Kim of the State Protectorate, a noted Templis Dragonaur sympathiser and terrorist, which was a key factor in why this assault was authorised and executed as a significant number of Federal Defence personnel and assets have been attacked by her combat group.

After several reinforcements of Defence Union structures by Commander Kim, it was decided that to ensure the safety of FDU infrastructure that she could not be permitted to remain within the Prism solar system. To this end, the Defence Council of the Federal Defence Union convened a meeting and concluded on a plan of action to assume direct control over the three remaining systems in the Kurala constellation. Ships and materiel were transported to the ‘Haskins Memorial’ Astrahus-class space station in the Prism system. The citadel’s namesake came from the late Captain Anthony Haskins, a Last Rites pilot who was renowned for their legendary offensive spirit, the citadel having been erected as a testament to that resolve. Pilots were briefed and prepared for the upcoming offensive by senior commanders Gori Thane, Makrov Putin, Rinai Vero and Daemon Koabd, morale was noted as being very high and personnel had the motivation that they would succeed. The D-Day for the operation was designated as Friday 20th March.

fig 1. “The Haskins Memorial”, Prism Solar System

A small force of Federal pilots began a preliminary assault on Prism during the afternoon of Thursday 19th March as a means to probe the response of the State Protectorate. Encountering minimal resistance until 08:00 Friday New Eden Standard Time (NEST), FDU forces were able to push the system to around 30% contestation before STPRO forces organised a defensive effort. Despite stiff resistance from veteran State pilots, defensive efforts were only able to reduce the system to 19.3% contestation before Federal reinforcements arrived at roughly 12:00 NEST. D-Day had arrived and Operation Prism Break was underway.

Tremendous progress was made within the first day of the operation, as for the most part very little in the way of defensive efforts were made except during the period of 06:00-12:00 New Eden Standard Time. Although Prism was the priority system for Operation Prism Break, the secondary target systems of Asakai and Ikoskio were able to be contested effectively and efficiently again with minimal resistance. Indeed, local outlaw organisations such as Dark Spectrum and SE7EN-SINS proved to be more effective at hindering the progress of FDU forces.

What was deemed to be a deeply-entrenched inveterate force of the State Protectorate transpired to be a fairly straightforward opponent to overcome, especially with the lack of assistance from other STPRO entities such as The Pannion Domin. A freighter pilot with known connections to Commander Kim, Mika Tanaka, was sighted within system as it approached the 80% contestation mark on the 21st of March, presumably assisting in an evacuation of the Strike Commander’s assets. It is assumed that the Strike Commander and her squadron have established themselves in an Azbel-class installation in Ikoskio as of writing, operated by her alliance’s auxiliary division.

The system was made vulnerable at approximately 19:10 New Eden Standard Time, 21st of March. A fleet of some forty pilots rallied to the Infrastructure Hub in high-damage output starships, primarily Oracle-class battlecruisers, and proceeded to assault the installation.

fig 2. - The FDU fleet engaging the Infrastructure Hub in the Prism Solar System

Sixteen minutes later, at 19:26 New Eden Standard Time, the Infrastructure Hub had received sufficient damage to warrant the capture of the system by the FDU. Prism had been won, but the Operation was not yet over. Ikoskio and Asakai had yet to be captured and a dedicated force continued to assault those systems until they too fell within two hours of each other, between 12:30 and 14:30 New Eden Standard Time on the 22nd of March.

The FDU success with Operation Prism Break yielded the capture of three of the four remaining systems held by the State Protectorate within the warzone and the first time the Asakai and Prism solar systems were captured in over six years. Securing Prism has enabled the establishment of a new base of operations for FDU forces to watch over the North-East sector of the Black Rise Zone of Operations. Operation Prevailing Liberty continues to proceed as FDU forces turn to the final system controlled by the State Protectorate: Enaluri.

I would also like to mention that the fear towards Federal forces gaining administration of these systems are unfounded, especially the scenes we have been shown with a haphazard and outright irresponsible ‘evacuation’ of a settlement on Ikoskio by Lieutenant Shi. There will be no reprisals or direct action taken against civilian settlements and all shall be treated in accordance with Federal and Interstellar Law. If any violations of aforementioned laws are discovered, please make them known so that the relevant authorities may take action and bring justice to the perpetrators.

Men and women of the FDU, be proud of what you have achieved here. Although I may not have mentioned you by name directly, know that I refer to each and every one of you when I congratulate you on a job well done. Let us finish the job.

For Liberty and Justice!


Edward Adams
Nadire Security Consultants


I would also like to give a more than due mention in particular to two groups:

  • First, to the FDU logistical teams who supported this siege. Commander Adams mentioned the transportation of ships and material to the Haskins Memorial Astrahus, but no words can do justice to those who risked billions of ISK to support this operation. I believe I speak on behalf of all our militia members when I give my gratitude to these pilots.
  • Second, to numerous capsuleer organizations outside the FDU who aligned themselves with the Federation’s interests in assuming control of the system. Although outlaw organizations did provide some resistance, as Commander Adams noted, many powers in the surrounding area supported the militia during this push in any way they could, risking billions of ISK in their own way as well. I think it is fair to say we owe a debt to these brave capsuleers as well.

It was an honor to fly with all the pilots who sacrificed their time and ships for the people of Kurala. I will make those sacrifices as many times as necessary: Liberty and Justice are worth every ISK.


Commander Adams,

I appreciate the write up of the weekends events and, considering the long hours preparing for and put in to the operation itself, a concise record and timeline of the event will be of great assistance in the future.

As CEO of an industrial-focused corporation within the Gallente militia, our pilots were tasked with the manufacture, supply and fitting of hundreds of ships for this operation. The Hell Too Corporate and personal hangers within the ‘Haskins Memorial’ structure in Prism were well furnished and well prepared.

Alas, as you have noted, the expected attrition and opposition levels were higher than in actual and, as such, we have an excess of supplies at our disposal, though I doubt that these will remain unused for long, given the status of a system such as Prism.

The operation was an excellent opportunity for the Gallente aligned pilots and organizations to come together, and I would echo the sentiments of capsuleer Josh en Welle: It was an honour to fly with you all.

“Until All Are Free”

Raker Plaude
CEO of Hell Too
Lieutenant General of the Gallente Militia


Commander Adams,

Let me just start off by commending you not only for this write up and after action report of our campaign but also for being an indispensable ally in our fight against the Caldari. Your leadership was in keeping with the highest traditions and excellence of the Federation and as such I will recommend you for commendation. At times when tasked with assigning combat vessels to enlisted capsuleers and commanding the subsequent fleet you performed these duties admirably. I hope in the future we can work together again…until then Godspeed good sir in all your endeavours.

“Until All Are Free”

Makrov Putin
Director Quantum Cats Syndicate
Lieutenant General of the Gallente Militia


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Clearly, we need to establish a neutral government comrpised of Gallari… or would it be Caldente…


Your misrepresentation of the Oskoskio V evacuation is quite concerning. I’ve seen the reports and filings myself, and interacted with civilians from Ikoskio, the word was not given by Ms. Shi, they were given by local megacorporate representatives that sponsored the colony, and Ms. Shi was acting in accordance with them, and UNF has assisted where it has been able for those that wished to leave.

Those that wished to remain will still have protection afforded to them by UNF security forces.

They kinda tried it a few centuries back.
It’s the whole reason this mess of a conflict is a thing in the first place, you know.


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