Eugales - Incident Report YC119.8.2

(Lauralite Anne Brezia) #1

The following is an authorized release in regard to an incident that occurred at 11:34 New Eden Standard Time, on YC119.8.2, aboard the UNF administrated raitaru class engineering complex, Virtrupets Orbital Waystation, in the system of Eugales.

An unregistered Hoarder class industrial vessel entered hangar 15 under false pretense of docking and refitting, and opened fire with a set of dual 180mm autocannons with what is assumed to be Hail munitions, sweeping its arc of fire across several loading platforms and bulkheads, causing rapid depressurization of hangar 15 and the adjacent hangar 14, as well as damaging a series of power couplings connected several critical systems within the surrounding section.

After depleting its autocannon magazines, the vessel proceeded to attempt undocking, but was immobilized by automated internal security installations before it could reach an docking tube. Following immobilization, the vessel detonated itself within the egress channel with yield equivalent to a ship grade Shrapnel Bomb, heavily damaging the egress channel, rendering docking tubes 3 and 4 inaccessible. Docking tubes 1 and 2 remain accessible and unaffected.

The surviving wreckage of the Hoarder class industrial, and its navigational computer are being analyzed for any identifying markings and data to track down its origin point.

Casualties: 641 baseliner facility personnel critically injured, 27 baseliner facility personnel killed.

Estimated cost of repairs: 73,408,266 isk

Despite this incident, the Waystation will retain its Freeport designation.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #2

… yeah, someone successfully managed to override all the safety protocols and CONCORD overrides in order to successfully fire ship weaponry within the docking hangars and chose to do it there. This is believable and somehow hasn’t been successfully replicated in the tradehub citadels and freeport citadels of the NETC etc because reasons.

I’m going to have to go ahead and say I don’t believe you. If someone actually proves me wrong, I’ll also go ahead and offer 100b for the method so I can start cleaning out personal targets as well as provide the service as a mercenary to anyone with grievances of their own.

(Lauralite Anne Brezia) #3

Ms. Del’Thul, from what we know so far, it was not a capsuleer vessel. You may choose to believe it did not occur if you wish, that is your prerogative.

(Aridia Mnesia) #4

I can confirm the existence of the damages mentioned in the above report. I cannot however speak for the validity of how the damages came to be, as I was not present during the incident, and I do not have access to the surveillance records of the complex in question.

(erg cz) #5

Ah! Thats why was all that noise around docking tubes… Not that I planned to use them, was just flying by, but it looked wired.
Anyway. If the said facts were correct, it seems to me that low profile politic, which UNF try to implement here, in Pegeler constellation, does not work that much. With ‘Relentless Terrorism’ having years of experience in area no one can be safe just due to neutral state.

(Sterling Blades) #6

Mr. Erg, I wouldn’t be so quick to place suspicion upon Relentless Terrorism or other Black Flag Syndicate affilliated organization, even with their considerably ruthless reputation within the Pegeler constellation, they pride themselves on honoring established non-aggression agreements.

Furthermore, as Ms. Brezia previously stated, current evidence points toward the Hoarder class industrial having been a non-capsuleer vessel, and not restricted to the level of failsafes and CONCORD overrides inherently present in all capsuleer vessels that Ms. Del’thul pointed toward with her pressumption of capsuleer involvement.