Ability to change your corps name

I mean If you look at my corps name you can see why having it changed would be nice

choices/mitakes → consequences

Live with it or use the already available tools to fix it.

This is the recruitment center though. The thread should be in player features and ideas.

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I distinctly remember telling you that you should probably ensure your corp name is spelled properly before you start trying to recruit people because otherwise you look like a buffoon. Now you probably have some kind of corp assets/structure, and you must now choose between dissolving some or all of that, or continuing to look like a buffoon. If you had disbanded your corp back when you had like 3 people and remade it with a properly spelled name, this would not be an issue. :-1:

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so many reasons why this would become an exploit, so few spies you know about, if we could change a corp name, then you could change the name to void out a war deck or to backstab alliances, or there would be a need to track other players and alts to prevent under the table war targets to be more established that would crush mid sized corps by giant alliances in high sec

the whole way to not have that happen is to have a corp name history

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