Ability to colour background of overview tab items

Hey new player here, but thought that it would be cool to get to colour your tab items. For example, I’m in a corp, where’s our base is in a system with tons of other stations. If I could just color-tag my basestation for example green, I could always easily and fast warp to it, instead of right clicking, bookmarks and then warp. Veterans prob could think tons of more uses for it lol.

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I know the “Home Station” tag is helpful for quickly maneuvering into warp around the system of Hek for me, and it would be nice to do that anywhere. Jita is a very notable example, as I have a hard time finding the station when I haven’t set destination to it.

I’m not aware of this “Home Station” tag, could you explain?

If you’re in the system your home station is set to, you’ll see a blue house icon attached to your home station in the overview.

@Rail_J_kar Is correct, also on the cluster map, but I was more specifically referring to its little blue icon on the overview when in system.

Oh okay, I didn’t know that, thank you!

I do agree that more of those types of icons would be good though. You don’t want so many that it just becomes clutter, but more than we currently have could be useful.

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