Allow us to customize colors, the preselected colors are not the best they can be

On the overview, inventory’s windows, chat etc allow us choose our own background, foreground, widget and hints color. Why? Because the preselected color combinations are not the best they can be.

I agree with you.
I chose to tick the “Change colors with theme” in Options… I think that’s how the thingamabob is called, so when I jump in my Venture, lo and behold, the UI elements turn yellowish and when I get into my Atron the UI turns a vomit green.
Then I found a Overview where the column heads are purple, green, blue, red ( that’s for PvP, lol )… it’s all a bit too colorful for my taste, makes me feel like I’m playing Chutes’n’Ladders.

The themes are based on faction themes. Thats why if you pick a caldari ship itll have a blue theme

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It’s pretty neat. So far I like most everything except some of the issues that were posted, like the Tooltips blocking other items that don’t add anymore info than what’s already on the screen.
I’m having the hardest time with the Overview. There is too much data that I wish to see for the amount of space allocated for it by the window or the entire screen for that matter. I have to sacrifice info for screen space.
I wish the windows could be minimized to the sides and not just top or bottom.

All of you have good points of view, which I have nothing to add too.

But one thing that have puzzled my mind for years is, howcome in the ship HUD, the color for Shield, Armor, & Hull is all the same white. Why aren’t the bar for Shield blue? Armor yellow, and hull red. Or whatever color is desided on.
Or atleast give the option to add some spacing between them. Perhaps even start at e.g. 100% shield in a light tone of color, and progressivly make it more dark/bright as it progressing towards 0%. I would like to see the HUD as the gear-change-indication-lights on the steering wheel of a Formula 1 char. With practice you don’t have to look at it, but instinctly know how much, or little, you have just from glancing over it with the bottom of your vision. Or something like that :slight_smile:

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