Can i change the colors on the autopilot?

The issue i have is that the color is never visible with my overview layout. can I change it some how? one of my accounts its red this one is orange :frowning:

you might have ‘set theme by ship’ enabled.

where would i find that setting? i have noticed it changes color with the ship though. in my hulk its orange. in this one its blue. in the redeemer it was yellow.

Settings>General>Color Theme

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i do also wish that i could pick that “route” overview color

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I’ve had heated discussions with dudes about the overview colours.


I know exactly what you mean. I started last year just prior to the new and improved UI ( Photon ). I felt like there was more for less after they switched. There is not much options when it comes to color or visibility for resizing columns. I might be spoiled by Linux OS, but I sure wish it was more user generated and less totalitarian.

Also @Emily_Davis check to see, if you have the color blind options enabled. Settings - General tab - lower right “Color Blind Mode”. There are 4 options; Off, deuteranopia, tritanopia, and custom.

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