I used background colour to tell what character I'm using

I have a different colour for each alt, so when I’ve got many logged in it’s easy to see which one I’m using, and which one in the Eve-O preview to click. For example, combat main has a blue background, fax pilot has a gold/yellow one, etc. The Photon UI has a limited number of themes and the backgrounds are all pretty much black.

I would like the option to choose the window background colour, basically.


That’s the pain you chose.

That’s the pain you chose.

Can you just not bother replying in future. Thanks.


You’re at liberty to disagree with me, I am absolutely fine with that. I don’t expect you to like everything I say.

However, there is multiple themes, and with the lines on the UI (Tron like), and different races you can set a different theme per character and use the coloured lines.

Every player whether 1 char or 100+ should have an equal chance and same tools at their disposal and no advantage given to 100 over 1 char. A solo character should be equally a first class citizen in the game.

Perhaps name your alts specific names.

As for missing themes, SoCT has no theme, sure expand themes, but not just because, multi account/char.

The game’s a changing with the times. Keep up.

I support.

I do the same thing and it would be nice to have multiple background colour options to have a different UI theme for each character in the Proton UI as well.

(Don’t mind the clown, posts that they disagree with often end up flagged. I wonder who keeps doing that…? )


yea this is an established good feature. Don’t fix what aint broken and is still used.

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I also support adding additional themes. Not because I have more than six accounts, but because I’m finding all of the current themes too bright for my eyes.




+1 → I also feel that the current choises are very limited.

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missed warning color for low sec … so if u dont pay attention maybe jump danger place … and agency box doest open properly or just nothing … saludos :woozy_face:

…i forget to say … liked apereance :+1: :green_heart:

I agree. Background colors are all the same now, which makes the differentiation between themes in proton rather limited in practice

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I am to used to having different backgrounds for my characters, will go back to the old UI, until you can change them to something to make them more unique.

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You’re a jerk off.

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