Color scheme in Photon UI

Is it possible to make the backlight of the buttons in Photon not only blue, but also other colors, for example, yellow, red, green??

Have you tried the colour themes in the Esc menu? They’re either on the Display or General tab.

Themes is Omega walled.

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thanks for the hint! found where you can change colors

No problem, glad to help. Although as @Emotional_Support_Clown said that feature is behind an omega wall, which let’s be honest is just plain silly. I’m hoping CCP can make that feature open to everyone.

I’d like to request more color choice for players in general. Going back 10 years, EVE had RGB color sliders for setting primary and secondary window colors. I’d like to see a color picker with 32 to choose from, at least.

The themes we have now are all variations of “dark” - eyestrain inducing. I used to have a default text color that wasn’t quite white, and a background color that was not completely “dark”: lower contrast, less eyestrain.


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