Added self option for customize color with rgb, picker or exa

I want to change the color of windows because actualy is very black in all theme, I want white sometime,
the best option you add a picker color or enter rbg/exa for self costumize all ui.
Trust me you added this function people like you.


he speaks truth

@CCP_Swift @CCP_Swift @CCP_Convict PLEASE add this option sincelery it’s make a big difference. o7 good day

I too would like some control over the UI colours. Especially in being able to retain the shaded backgrounds as seen in the windows of the current default UI.

The extreme contrast of photon is just too much for my eyes, even when I have my monitor set to gaming mode (which reduces contrast considerably).

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yes exactly

A light background would be an interesting experiment. With a semi white transparent window and black lettering. Perhaps mirror the current themes with the same accent colors. Thinking EvE Dark & EvE Light.

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