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Hey, I’m the original! Everyone else are just alts or nuts/dedicated trolls.

Well here you have your question, and your answer. Both from yourself.
I also already proposed that bumper is deactivated by default, and activate it only when security is yellow and you are suspect/use a specific module that makes you suspect (but would help you bump, eg a 500mn with increased mass and thrust).


A computer program cannot make that distinction though.

Do you mean that when you get disconnected, your ship stops orbiting/keeping at range/approaching ?

No, I mean a computer cannot determine intent.

When you activate your propmod and click approach on a target, the server receives the intent very clearly.

I think it actually depends if CONCORD is already present in the system. If they are not they will spawn right away next to where the criminal offence happens. If they however are in the system they first despawn wherever they are and after 6s they spawn next to the criminal.

If you get popped during that 6s CONCORD will not spawn and you have effectively despawned the squad, which means that you don’t get the extra 6s on the next gank.

Please correct me if that is wrong. This is based on simple observation.

A thread about bumping that’s not crying about it :open_mouth:
o/’ @op

  1. How is being bumped a result of being dumb?

  2. How do you prevent a ship bumping you?

  3. So cos other things are unintended, this was too, and thus justifies it?
    CCP redacts unintended systems all the time.

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I see you’re still crying about this…

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It’s Salvos
Ofc he is lol

Simple, don’t log on
100% safety

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There are two types of people in the world:

1: Those who bump
2: Food



–Bumping Gadget


So I sit on the Jita undock in an unmoving bowhead. Everyone who bumps me as they undock becomes a suspect. Not a good idea and too easily exploited.

But not all flying is done this way, nor is good bumping. I turn on my prop mod. Then using my arrow keys (short cuts anyone can set in the short cuts menu), I can pilot my ship.

I could fly into someone using this method and never once click approach. I can also use this method so I hit a ship in motion if I time things correctly instead of hoping approach works.

Since all PvP is consensual in EVE there is no such thing as ganking or griefing…

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Ganking has an established definition, in EVE and overall.
I do agree, however, that ganking is not griefing.

Griefing is another concept/definition.

“Gank” is a portmanteau of “GANg” and “Kill” (alternative according to google is also “gang” and “shank”). Any situation where you are ganged up on is a gank. Which makes up a large number of Eve PVP.


CCP’s griefing outlook:

CCP Eris Discordia

Posted - 2004.04.13 18:47:00 - [4]

12.11 What is grief play?

A grief player, or “griefer,” is a player who devotes much of his time to making others’ lives miserable, in a large part deriving his enjoyment of the game from these activities. Grief tactics are the mechanics a griefer will utilize to antagonize other players.

This should not be confused with standard conflict that might arise between two players. At our discretion, players who are found to be consistently maliciously interfering with the game experience for others may receive a warning, temporary suspension or permanent banning of his account.


There is a link in the old forum post for a direct definition, but it doesn’t go anywhere.

Bumping could be interpreted as griefing by CCP… except that they generally don’t see it that way.

Common Misconceptions about Exploits
This passage contains common tactics and other player conduct that is often mistakenly reported as exploits but are in fact not.

Ship Bumping

Ram the ship of another player with your own in order to prevent them from warping.

OTOH, griefing is determined on a case-by-case basis at CCP’s discretion. A 6-hour bump session could be deemed griefing - or it might not. Depends on how the individual GM feels that day. /shrug

–Gadget wishes all GM’s a good day

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Am I intending to bump or close range?

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you are approaching someone with propmod on. Again, the answer is in the question.