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I’m looking for a way to close old tickets. I have 2 open which are no longer relevant, but they’re still open. I can’t find anything to that effect on the “My Ticket” page.

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After you log into your account and select ‘My Tickets’ to view the complete list of all Tickets, select one marked ‘Open’ to view it and scroll down to the bottom.

At the bottom is a ‘Reply’ text field for updating more info to the initial Ticket, can post the solution for the issue in that field as well as request the Ticket be closed. Below that text input field is a ‘Please consider this request solved’ check box, select that and then click ‘Submit’.

Doing that will change the Ticket status to ‘Solved’ and basically close it.

I know it used to be there, but i don’t see it. I have 2 tickets i want to close, but this checkbox is missing.

I may have an idea what was going on.

Made a new ticket, had everything closed.

The oldest ticket was elevated from support to technical support. It remained opened for a reason or another. Then i put another ticket, “in the stack”. It never got resolved because the older one fell between the chairs.

Missing checkbox:

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