Support Ticket keeps being removed but admin?


I created 3 tickets already in-game and on the website but my ticket just keeps getting deleted? Is this how Customer support solved it’s case these days?

I lost a ship due to a bug in game and would like to get it back but someone just keeps removing my ticket.

Complaining about it on the forums won’t help you.
If anything, this thread will just get locked since there’s nothing anyone can do or say that will help your issue right now.

I would like to know why do they have to delete the tickets?

UPDATE 13:09

We will be issuing reimbursement for ships lost during high impact periods over the next few days. Please note that it may take some time for the reimbursements to be processed. If you lost a ship to these issues and haven’t received reimbursement after a few days, please file a Lost Ship reimbursement ticket and our Customer Support team will look into it for you.

Customer support isn’t supposed to delete tickets, only close tickets, so this may be a bug either with your UI or with the ticket system itself. In this case, the forums may be a way to get their attention if you cannot file a ticket to report the ticket system itself is giving you a hard time. Do not email the support email address because that just generates a ticket in the same system.

If you haven’t already, try logging out, clearing your browser cache/cookies, logging back in, and seeing if your tickets are there.

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