About remote trading

Hi, I want to make sure I understand remote trading correctly.

So to place buy and sell orders in Jita from Perimeter and to modify those orders I need Procurment, daytrading and visibility.

When I’m in Perimeter and I put up a buy order with range 1 Jump it can be completed either in Jita or in Perimeter. The seller who completes this buy order doesn’t really have to do anything, my order shows up as if it’s a local one.

When one of these orders is complete, the item will be received in the local hangar where the seller completed the order. So if the seller completed the buy order in Jita, it will be stored in Jita. And so for that item I can only put a sell order in Jita unless I move it to another place.

In terms of broker fees, all orders that are set up in Perimeter are 1% no matter where the order is completed.

Is this right?

Essentially correct. Jita isn’t the only system covered with a 1 jump ranged buy order from Perimeter but all of them are high security. Brokerage is set by the structure owner - 1% is the minimum.

This article is old and doesn’t cover the changes introduced earlier this year with the broker relations patch but the process itself didn’t change - just cost for adjusting your price. https://imperium.news/offshoring-tax-avoidance-comes-new-eden/

All right thanks, no I used Jita and Perimeter as an example.
And thanks for the link I’ll check it out.

Wait, but can I remotely set up a sell order when the items are in another station? Say I’m in perimeter and I have an item in Jita. Can I set up a sell order from Perimeter and take advantage of the 1% broker fee and but somehow have it available for people in Jita?

For sell orders, Costs are based on the station where the item resides.

For buy orders, costs are based on the station where the buy order is hosted.

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