Do I need Visibility? And: Player owned stations vs Jita

Do I need the Visibility skill for station trading? Even if I hang at Perimeter, it seems I can place buy orders there and people still sell to me instantly at Jita. (I do have Procurement and Marketing, as well as Broker Relations IV and Accounting IV.) In fact, Visibility might make things worse, as I might end up buying stuff in places other than Jita, yes?

On the other hand, would Visibility allow me to sit in Perimeter and take advantage of its lower brokers fees to set sell orders? Sell in Perimeter, 1-system range? Or will buyers in Jita not want to travel the one jump to pick up the stuff?

Indeed, I’ve read that it’s common practice to place buy orders at Perimeter (or another POS at other hubs), but to place sell orders at Jita. That would be fine with me, except that I’ve noticed that, sitting in Perimeter, I still pay Jita’s broker fee if I place a sell order remotely.

Any advice on all this? Many thanks.

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For the usual trading in Jita/Perimeter you need Procurement II, Marketing II, and Visibility II.

Placing buy orders in the Perimeter Keepstar with a range (visibility) of 1 Jump is quite common to save a lot on broker fees. With perfect standings and skills you can come close to 3% in Jita but it’s only 1% in the Perimeter Keepstar. But yes, people can sell to your buy order in any station in and around Perimeter:

5 stations in Perimeter plus the Keepstar itself
2 stations in Maurasi
3 stations in Urlen
12 stations in Niyabainen
14 stations in Jita

Most stuff will be sold in Jita 4-4 and in the Perimeter Keepstar, but from time to time you will get things in one of the other stations. You can either move them yourself, make courier contracts, thrash them or sell them to the next trader with a ranged order.

Thanks for your reply. Could one get by without Visibility? Without that skill, but with Procurement, I can still sit in Perimeter and place a buy order at Jita 4-4, can’t I? I’m pretty sure that’s what I’ve been doing. Although I did already have a couple people sell to me somewhere other than Jita 4-4.

Visibility only applies to your remote buy orders, so if you are sitting in Perimeter and want to base your orders out of Perimeter (local order placement, no skills required) with a 1 jump buy range, to save on fees, you do not need Procurement or Visibility.

If you want to sit in Perimeter and also place buy orders in Jita, all of them at Station distance limit, you need Procurement 2 (range within 5 jumps) to have enough remote buy placement range to place Station-range orders in Jita (which is 1 jump away), but do not need Visibility.

If you want to add System as the range for your Jita remote buy orders, you will need Visibility 1.

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Many thanks for that helpful reply. I already do have Procurement 3 (as well as Marketing 3, Broker Relations 4, and Accounting 4), so it sounds like a near-term option is to sit in Perimeter and make buy orders at Jita 4-4, set to station only. I can see that it might be nice to have at least System visibility. I’m not really sure I want visibility beyond that!

The other issue is financial. My main has the cash to pay the 19m isk for this trading alt’s Visibility skill, but none of my guys is rich. It seems like it can wait a bit.

Thanks again for your help.

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