Why are people still selling in Jita?

Has anyone else been using niyabainen, or any system 1 jump from perimeter, to sell their goods? Basically everything has buy orders set up in perimeter now, so buy orders can be filled from any of the adjacent systems.

I’ve personally been selling my goods to random npc stations 1 jump away from perimeter in order to avoid gankers, and I’m wondering why more people aren’t doing the same.

Have you actually been selling, or just listing? Because there is a huuuuuuuuge difference. Any why not sell at TTT? You’re tethered on dock/undock.

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There was a very interesting study performed about this particular facet of player behavior. See the illustration below, which contains a synopsis of that scientific paper’s findings.


Ah, so you’re one of those annoying bastards who sells things to my buy orders from random stations :slight_smile:


Not jita specifically, but there are still some better buy orders in the market hubs with a range of ‘station’.

Some people just want a one-stop shop and will be willing to accept less favourable trade for it.

If it saves me ISK…

Well, it’s 10 jumps to perimeter and only 9 to niyabainen, so i’d much rather save that one jump :slight_smile:

Selling to the buy orders, and as said above selling in random npc stations because they’re 1 jump closer to me than perimeter

It’s convenient, that’s why.

Most people don’t live in highsec and thus don’t have to worry about “number of jumps” or silly things like that. They just log in a Jita alt, remote update buy orders from there, collect their goods, and set up courier contracts to ship it out from Jita.

I don’t know of many couriers who care to manage spread out inventory of their customers, so they just request all courier contracts be made from a market hub (Jita, Amarr, etc.) for convenience. I know if I got a courier contract for goods outside of Jita, I wouldn’t bother to pick it up because it’d be a waste of time and an unnecessary risk.

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:red_circle: Punishing off-shorers is a great thing to do. I sell my stuff to their buy orders in as many different stations around Perimeter as I can.

Because we want.

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