Selective buy stations

When you put a buy order 1 jump from a player owned citadel in lets say in perimeter to buy from jita you end up people selling you stuff from all stations around, excluding other player owned citadels.

My suggestion is to selectively select from which station you allow products to be sold to you, so for example I put a buy order 1 jump in perimeter player owned citadel, I only allow people to sell me stuff in jita trade hub and maybe the current owned player citadel.

On the other side for CCP it might also help getting people out of NPC stations (faster, or if it will ever be…)

When trading from played owned citadels with reach to jita this is what I end up with most times.

Minus 5 on this list, This is what I get when I intend to buy stuff from jita only :goat:

Use jita then and use current station only?
There should be some penalty to using a tax haven citadel

Why do you think there should be some penalty for that? in the form of you stuff scattered all around? :burrito:

All aspects of the game are about time vs isk. You can spend time to gain isk (in this case by transporting your goods around, for the benefit of a lower tax cost) or you can spend isk to save time (by paying higher taxes and not having to transport your goods).

Remember this list also has to be shown in the market window so sellers know which station the market order is available.

On that alone this probably won’t happen. Needless complexity.

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This has never been a problem before and I don’t see why it would be now. I’ve always used multi-jump buys, even before citadels were a thing. In exchange for getting lower taxes and/or lower prices you have to spend time gathering everything up or spend money having someone else do it. This seems more than reasonable.

Maybe those opinions are yours, but maybe ccp thinks differently :confusedparrot:

Everything CCP does also has to make sense from a programming point of view. What might seem like the greatest idea of the year, may very well be the worst from a programmers view.

The code you’re asking being changed are with 99.99999% certainty part of the legacy code, so it is not easily changed without changing tons of other code.

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But if it wasn’t for the code it might had been the greatest idea of the year? :smirk: :grey_exclamation:

it’s just a figure of speech, meaning that something might look like a good idea for a few people but others may think it’s not worth the time. :wink:

As CCP is a Game Developing company they have to consider all ideas from many point of views, not just the one you give as a Player

It was joke actually :stuck_out_tongue:

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