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For those who start the game now, it is very difficult to participate in wars. Assuming you have a growing coorporation with 5 players. A more skill-savvy corporation, or with more leveling, will win the war easily. By this I mean that this kind of event becomes unfair. Since the game is based on playing time, and improved skill time. it is necessary that the CCP put an option: I do not accept war. Or have specific and short time. I have a coorporation with 3 members. All are newbes. With very few Skills. We do not want to go into another body. We want to have the pleasure of creating and evolving, learning and having fun. But in this mode of war EVEONLINE, it is practically impossible. Or how about a condition? Wars can only be declared from a certain level of coorporation, or with certain numbers of players. One guy has declared war against my coorporation that is now growing with 5 players. He has more than 50 players. Who will win the war? And by the way declaring war on cockroaches is easy.

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Creating a corp comes with the ability to be war decced by other corps. Therefore creating a corp is a serious business.

If your newbie corp (or a vets corp created with new alts that is indistinguishable from a newbie corp) could’t be wardecced, how would anyone attack your structures in highsec? Should we have 5,000 indestructible citadels in every highsec system?

In this game, everything need to be destructible, so the industry keeps going and the player-driven market doesn’t collpase.

So solutions to your situation would be:

  1. Don’t create a corp if you don’t know what you are doing or can’t defend yourself.
  2. Join an already established corp or alliance.
  3. Create your custom chat channel if you just want a “guild” equivalent from othe games.


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Nisanthro has a point…

1 partial solution would be to make it so that a corp has to have a base limit before it can declare wars, and then make the pricing based on size…

Lets say 10 for the base.
and start at the usual 50 mill, add 5 million to the price for every 10 members or part there of below your size to wardec…
and then add the in ability to add members to a corp that has actually declared war(to limit abuse of declaring war with a small corp then adding your membership)

I went to the trouble to look your character up in game, so I could offer a specific response tailored to your original post.

However, the character, you are using to post with, is in an alliance of approximately 380 characters.

Can you name, or pm me in game, the corp you are referencing in your post? If we, the readers of your post, have a better understanding of the situation, we can give better responses.

This statement reads as if you are experiencing this situation now, when according to the game, you are currently in a corp of 72 characters.

Can you clarify your original post? Are you discussing an ongoing/existing situation (and asking for help), or discussing theoretical situations and proposing solutions? Or something else entirely?

Posting in the Assembly Hall is for drawing the attention of members of the CSM, and I think you are in fact trying to raising discourse over theoretical situations, but if you are seeking help for an ongoing in game issue, can you please post that plainly?


I can just make a corp including me and 9 alpha account members to go around your limit. Not really a solution.

I think wars are fine as they are now.


that just means that corp of 9 can not declare a war…but it can be declared on by some one

What does that solve? Maybe quite the opposite to what the OP asks?


There is always a bigger fish. Make friends. That is how you survive and Profit in this World of EVE.

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By starting a corp you are declaring to eve you are open to being wardecced. The pvp sandbox is the core nature of eve, so be ready to fight from day one.

What you may have been a bit foolish about is starting a corp as a noob and then bringing in more noobs. This is always going to be difficult in a game like eve and the new players you have accepted are going to suffer under a lack-of leadership.

Don’t treat starting a corp in eve as some sort of trivial social ‘guild’. It’s a pretty serious job in eve that is important for you as a leader and your corp as players. It can make or break your game.

Seek out experienced players to show you the ropes to maximise the chance of survival. Trying to learn this game from scratch alone is a noble goal, but really ■■■■■■■ difficult.

And remember, this game owes you nothing. Safety least of all. Every time you undock, no matter where, you’re in a pvp zone. High sec or not, wardec or not. Welcome to the sandbox :wink:

  • Social corps plug!!
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