New feature: join wars as an individual (just like FW)

Dear EVE Council of Stellar Management,

I’m writing to propose a feature that would enhance EVE Online gameplay: the option for individual players to participate in wars, especially on the defenders’ side, without the need to change corporations or create new characters.

This change would:

  1. Increase Flexibility: Allow players to engage in wars without leaving their current affiliations.
  2. Simplify Recruitment: Enable CEOs to hire individual fighters and pull in strong alts without the hassle of corporate changes.
  3. Retain Benefits: Ensure players keep their hangar access and other corporate benefits.
  4. No need for circunventing: today we can circunvent the system by anchoring a tower and juggling alts between corporations, but this is just a chore of a chore. Let an individual player, even if he has no structures to join as defenders.

By implementing this feature, you’ll make the EVE universe more dynamic and inclusive, adapting to the evolving player base.

CCP did a fantastic job in the new FW, with the learned lesson they should bring similar feature to wars.

Thank you for considering this proposal.


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Last time i checked there was direct Enlistment

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