Enlisting in FW should make your corp/alliance war eligible

You are already “at war” and the idea that there needs to be some form of “protection” for social corps doesn’t really work when they are in FW.

Now this would just be a mostly harmless quirk but as many in FW know forming a corp is a great way to shield a character used for awoxing as their standings matter far less so long as the corp is filled with high standing characters. This isn’t a bad thing and adds to FW in my opinion.

The problem now is that you can no longer war dec another FW corp unless they have a structure. This has added a heavy imbalance where awoxing is concerned as the Awoxer can freely engage militia targets however any pilot faced with a known awoxer can’t retaliate w/o facing severe standings hits.

War decs were the way around this. You could war dec the Awoxing corp and then it was free fire from then on.


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