About wardeckers in High Sec and solution

(Dom Arkaral) #374

Rip a lot of noobships lmao

Most decent mercs have ships in their comps able to insta-lock anything that takes >2sec to lock :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

(Dracvlad) #375

Yeah but wouldn’t it be funny just seeing a huge number of noob ships running up and down the pipes like that, I would hope they missed something shiny due to too many targets…

(Dom Arkaral) #376

Bigger stuff always has priority lol…

(Faylee Freir) #377

Haha that would be funny, mostly because it would feel like the aggressors are effecting their gameplay more than we already do.

In my opinion you never want to pop the noobship (unless you’re ganking). If you’ve wardec’d a group and are making it a priority to kill their no9obships, then you’re doing it wrong… and likely missing out on some great potential.

(Starrakatt) #378

If one is looking for someone to shoot at, one doesn’t shoot the noobship - You keep an eye on the character and hope for a repetition of behavior with a bigger, more jucier ship. Same goes for a shuttle (assuming autopiloting).

(Tyraela DeLuna) #379

I think HS is designed for new player and small corporation that have not yet enough members, experience or resources to go in LS, NS or WH.

It’s totally legitim to want to feel safe in High Sec. It’s in the name, isn’t it ?
But I think it’s totally legitim to permit corporations that live in HS to declare wars against there enemies without to be worried by CONCORD.

The actual war system is a good thing but it’s naive to hope ISK can regulate the wars. Some wardeckers have so many active wars, it’s totally insane.
But increase the war tax too much may ban the more modest corporation war.

I think there would be some rules that can regulate the war decalration system.
I think limiting the maximum number of simultanious wars can be a good start. It can be also possible to add a delay for declaring a war another time to the same enemy.

Those sort of simple rules should be limit the numbers of wardec without ban PvP ban from HS.

(Faylee Freir) #380

That may be how you want to see high-sec, but even CCP has expressed their view and design of high-sec and its not a “safe” place.

The mechanics are different than other areas and it has its own unique metas and set of challenges to play around.

Why do you feel the need to impose hurdles for those that wish to dec all of New Eden? Can you give a good reason why it’s not good for the game or is somehow unfair?

(Dom Arkaral) #381




This could be good

This is already in place

(JuuR Zibaoo) #382

it would be very easy to fix this war stuff

when you declare war to a corp/alliance you pay isk for it … same for the 2nd war … same for the 3rd war …and so on
the mini change needed would be
you pay (lets say) 1.000.000 isk per member of the corp/alliance you declare war (i never declared a war so i dont know how much it is atm)
when you declare a 2nd war the isk per member doubles
when you delcare a 3rd war the isk from the 2nd war is doubled

so you can still declare a war to take our a citadel od pocos in HS but for thei “we run 374 wars at the same time and sit in all tradehubs and do nothing else then waiting wars” it will get expensive so they will run only a few wars at the same time and most people are “safe” in HS

yea there is still pvp in HS, yea there are still sucide gankers in HS, yea there are still wars in HS … all good … no change
but maybe you are not deced for weeks for no reason because you dont go to a tradehub in that time and the guys are not coming for you to the place you are

would not be a big change for eve but a huge change for stupid wars with no sense to anything

or maybe i am wrong …


(Dom Arkaral) #383

Just no…
How about people start to be less :poop: and start fighting back against mercs?

The only ways to get them to ■■■■ off is to either not die to them or to actively kill them

Until CCP gives hunters to go.back hunting, that’s pretty much the only effective way to counter decs

(Faylee Freir) #384

Why do you feel the need to limit how many wars are active from a single group? If they aren’t coming after you then it’s not a big deal, right? I don’t understand your logic here.

(Scipio Artelius) #385

That would totally screw over wardecs. Not fix anything.

There is no problem with the number of wars.

(Bob Pilotero) #386

Hopefully you are part of an NPC Corp.

(Teckos Pech) #387

Why are you guys always worried about how others are sand boxing? Why do you care is a corp/alliance wants to have 1 or 50 or 500 wars?

First off, no. Second, learn how it works, the war dec fee already escalates per member up to 500 million.

The formula for calculating wardec cost is (log(N) / log(1.675))^2 * 300000 * N^0.26815, where N is the number of members in the target corp/alliance. The cost is now the same when declaring on a corporation or an alliance. (1) The cost increase is in effect with numbers between 51 and 2000, where, for the latter, it reaches an upper limit of 500 million ISK. (2)

Linking the war decs costs to the number of wars is just another example of one group of players wanting to deny content to other players for their own benefit. You are basically lobbying CCP for something that benefits you. War decs are pretty much voluntary. If you don’t want to fight, drop to a noob corp. Does that come with a cost? Sure, but why should you get something the rest of us don’t and shield yourself from the same types of interaction we have to deal with.

The only reason you care about a corp or alliance having 374 war decs is you are one of the war dec targets. War decs are avoidable in a number of ways.

Reducing and limiting options for PvP in HS is probably one of the single largest problems facing the game. This trend is in the wrong direction. You simply want to take away this kind of play and offer nothing in its place.

You are aware that what keeps people in game is player interaction. That includes PvP. Further, that CCP looked at this and found that players ganked in their first 15 days stayed longer than players not ganked in their first 15 days.

Oh and before you go all pseudo-statistician on us, even CCP was surprised by this result. They expected the opposite conclusion.

The point is, war decs are probably not having a big impact on player retention…making war decs less and less viable…that probably is having a negative impact on player retention.

(Dom Arkaral) #388

less wars = more hunting = more content for both the attacker & defender


The only thing they need to implement is the array thing that acts like some sort of watchlist (I’d have to find where I read about that)

(Teckos Pech) #389

I am not at all convinced we can…“go back”. Go ahead and put in this array that allows something like a watchlist…but here is my thinking. Players are very adept at taking something and using it unusual ways. So it may not end up producing the result everyone thinks it will. I’m not saying it won’t lead to more content, just don’t get your hopes up and be ready for something different and if it is different…consider letting it stay vs. trying to force a desired outcome.

(Salvos Rhoska) #390

I still dont see the problem.

If someone wants to wardec every single corp in HS, and has the isk to do so, I see no reason why they shouldnt be able to.

Wardec is the mechanic for legitimized corp warfare in HS/LS sectors.

Whether I choose to wardec one or all corps operating in my home system/constellation, or transiting along trade lines, or camp trade hubs, why not?

HS isnt WoW Goldshire.

(Dracvlad) #391

Wow you liked something I suggested, out come the silly hats and bunting…

(Mitch Taylor) #392

I wish people would be honest about this stuff.

(JuuR Zibaoo) #393

ah ok … so it is good that a group has 300 wars going on and just sit arround on there fat *** and do nothing but waiting for idiots showing up … i would prefer a war like discriped in this other thread: WTF Did They Do to Wardeccing?
that sounds intressting but is much more to do … not just waiting … ok … if you are in a war - just dont go to tradehubs and you can go mining, rating, exploration n stuff … no problem … no one shows up if you are 8 jumps out of a tradehub …

@Dom Arkaral if you want to do a war do a real war not a waiting war … i waited for a guy who said “just no” … why? because someone out there has to make such idiot wars and sit arround for hours … just get it … we go to tradehubs anytime … everyone has a NPC corp alt to do that stuff …

if you really need to make 500 wars at one time … pay for it … wast your money … i bet in 300 wars you kill only a few but you make some isk back because war seams to be cheap