About wardeckers in High Sec and solution

(Faylee Freir) #394

The truth is that even if wars weren’t how they are now you still wouldn’t enjoy them. There are always going to be better players than you that min-max whatever they do and perfect it. If you’re some casual player or someone that isn’t as good or well prepared, then you’re not going to have fun and you’ll be back to complaining.

We do have to spend ISK to keep wars going. Some wars are less fruitful than others in both content and ISK looted, and those tend to get re-dec’d less often. Your logic here saying that wars probably seem cheap to us because we make enough ISK to pay for them is flawed. Is it really our fault that loot pinatas choose to fly around during active war? We can’t control what other players do. Want to choke out our supply of ISK for wars? Stop making yourself our content and loot pinatas.

How about some of you do your own work and play the game instead of begging CCP to bend the game around your lack of motivation and severe laziness? High-Sec isn’t some playground where you ought to be safe. If you can’t take care of yourself during a war, you can always drop to an NPC corp.

No one has yet to answer me: Why is it bad that a group can put in as many wars as they can afford?

(JuuR Zibaoo) #395

i dont say that a war can be a interessting thing … i just say that it is funny that some make wars and dont do anything … i use a out of corp alt and go to tradehubs during war with no problem … i can see the alliances or corps who dec us but with the ooc alt it is useless for them … no one show up in other systems … this guys dont go active in a war … different thing is if you are going in a war … active hunting … go to systems where the wartargets are … fight for loot and systems … but this sitting arround is a useless thing because anyone have ooc alts or can offer ooc alts to other corp members … so what for are this “wars”? if the deced corp dont give any content the war is over after a week … just stay out of tradehubs and mission hubs … ok … no big deal anyways … i guess war was different befor the changes … i was told so that it was great fun even as a corp or alliance who was the defender … is there really a need for this? ok eve maybe has more wars but it is not really a war … its a waiting for cheap kills and it works on some … i dont know if it really is a good thing how it is now … so get the war numbers down and do active hunting … ok … that sounds like a good thing … lost a ship … no big deal … buy a new one … its part of the game … we all lose ships … anytime you undock even in HS you can lose a ships … i dont question the war itself … i question the way war is today …


(Salvos Rhoska) #396

No reason.

(Teckos Pech) #397

Let me try again. First, it is not good nor bad. It just is, and it just is largely because of what CCP has done in terms of nerfing targeted wardecs. You are not going to fix the “problem” by nerfing mass wardeccing. You, will likely just see more people leave the game. Your link, highlights the problem: no more watchlist. That change has denied war deccers content. And they can’t really go back to it.

Second, I think many agree that HS wars are largely in a bad place right now. As you note, they are laughably easy to avoid without dropping to an NPC corp. But keep in mind the current state of war decs is a response to CCPs changes. You can’t expect people to “go back” by taking away their current approach because of a previous nerf by CCP.

Consider this thought experiment. You are outside in your sandbox playing with your toy soldiers. Your mom comes out and says, “Too violent,” and takes them away. So you get out your toy trucks and start playing while building up a sand-castle. I come along and take your trucks and say, “No, go play with toy soldiers.” You can’t. This is what your suggestion amounts to.

(Dracvlad) #398

What do you mean by bad? And not this is not a gotcha, do you mean bad for the Eve is always dangerous or do yu mean for the game as a whole, do you mean for war dec players?

It is all a matter of perspective, for example a new player wanting to create a new fun corp who has his fifth week of war dec because he tried to shoot back will say its bad. As will the guy who never fights and just logs off and plays another game. As will the guy who finds chasing fast locking instra lock Cynabals, Loki’s or Svipuls boring as hell, or the one who finds a Nestor ball a bit too much to take.

What is bad?

As I keep pointing out the mechanics are not the problem, though the mechanics could use a few tweaks here or there.

What I think is bad is that many people just have what is to them utterly pointless wars that are not content at all, they are anti-content and a fair amount of the content from pipe and hub camping is pretty boring too, it is like doing a bubble camp in 0.0, sometimes fun, but most of the time a turkey shoot. The best idea I could come out with was the EA for some sort of watch list per constellation which would be vulnerable when it was active, giving a point of conflict which the out matched defender could at least have some fun with in terms of resisting and perhaps later around that he and his corp developed more gumption to fight.

Anyway, you lot made it and you lot are stuck with it, from what I have seen War dec players whine almost as much as their victims.

For example I have a war dec currently from a hisec group which as zero impact on me, well actually it did, I could have taken a Redeemer through a nice WH, and saved some hassle but, that’s meaingless really…

(Teckos Pech) #399

It isn’t content for you. Stop setting yourself up a the arbiter of what is and is not content.

(CowQueen MMXII) #400

He isn’t that wrong. Many (if not most) wardecs don’t result in content, they get avoided or ignored.

(Wanda Fayne) #401

Sometimes they wind up as content that the instigator didn’t plan for :wink:

(Teckos Pech) #402

Maybe if you can set aside your hubris you’ll see that hitching your train to the Arrogance Parade that is Dracvlad is not that optimal. Content for one person is not content for another. I don’t get people who want to log in and chew rocks…but hey, if it floats their boat…oaky.

Oh, and if most war decs are avoided/ignored maybe that is why they have 367 of them…gee did you think of that? No? What a shock. :roll_eyes:

(Dracvlad) #403

So says a man who made it his personal goal to police the AFK cloaky thread in a very aggressive and arrogant way.

I was merely pointing out how the people who get these pointless war decs see it. I war decked for specific time and place targets. And when I got war decked by a few Mercs I went to annoy them and I had great fun doing so, one even did try to hunt me later on. But you want to make it about me don’t you, I am talking about the people who in the main get war decked who have no interest and you are too up yourself to contemplate it.

You have a thing about miners, lol.

Target selection anyone, so the majority are pointless which is the point, seems a pretty desperate search for content by people who can’t get out of their comfort zone. What I have seen is many war deckers complain about people avoiding war decs in a sandbox, makes me chuckle every time they post that whine. So how about sparing your some of your vitriol for them too?

The reason I suggested the EA is that it gives something valuable to fight over, which changes things a bit, are you scared of change mate, seems so?

(Teckos Pech) #404

Yes, but I’m not telling others what content is or isn’t.

…being an arrogant ass and telling people what is and is not content.

Quote the rest of it you dishonest hack. I also said that whatever if that is what they like then do be it.

You are literally the worst thing about Alphas.

(Dracvlad) #405

You think I am an Alpha, LMAO at that, a mere glance at my killboard will dispel that notion.

Yes you are!

I was pointing out what the people who have no interest in PvP think and what their reaction is. Still sitting on a hub or pipe is pretty naff content, it is akin to bubble camps…

Also I am just self confident and if lessor people mistake that for arrogance then that is your problem.

You have a hate thing about miners, your posts reek of it…

PS A lot of people my alliance flew with EXE players in the CFC / Imperium, and as your TZ seemed to mesh with my alliance mates I asked if any had a recollection of you and not one had. I then talked to my mates in EXE and they had not see you around either.

PPS You got blown up by Stunt, that is nice…

(CowQueen MMXII) #406

And if nobody is doing anything, nobody is having content. Nothing is not something, but the opposite. This isn’t something that can be argued, this simply is.

Fits you as well.

(Dom Arkaral) #407

The levels of “confidence” have more in common with arrogance than anything else…
Someone who’s truly confident doesn’t have to justify themselves to anyone, but you keep doing so.


(Dracvlad) #408

As I said a lesser person…

(Dom Arkaral) #409

How are you superior to anyone?

That’s pure arrogance right there lmao
You’re just too proud to realize it

(Dracvlad) #410

I did not say superior, that is your word.

(Dom Arkaral) #411

If you think there are people that are “lesser” that would in turn make you superior.

And newsflash, you’re not superior except in the department of deflecting and reading what you want. Lol

(Dracvlad) #412

Not necessarily, you should think about that, it helps in becoming enlightened enough to know the difference.

(Dom Arkaral) #413

So you’re denying that there are lesser people to your eyes despite confirming it above? Make up your mind.

If there are lesser people to your eyes (me included apparently), that means you’re “superior” to us. That’s the definition of arrogance… thinking you’re better than you actually are.

I know my realistic view hurts egos, but that’s what I am: a realistic man who puts people back in their place. And I love being me, I wouldn’t change it for anything