About wardeckers in High Sec and solution

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Did I say I was superior to you, I just said a lesser person. I have not said I am superior in anyway, I just said I was self confident and lesser people see that as arrogance.

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Hey just a friendly reminder that you’re all playing Eve Online.

(Dracvlad) #416

No we are posting on a forum.

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You opinion on wardecs is irrelevant is you aren’t playing Eve Online.

(Dracvlad) #418

Your sentence makes no sense… I think you need to change IS to an IF

I am on that kill and great fun it was too.

(Faylee Freir) #419

Let me break this down to some of you lesser beings…

If you don’t play Eve Online anymore or don’t actively play it, then I value your opinion far less than someone that does play… even if that opinion is WAY out there.

I don’t imagine that very many people post on a video game forum even after they’ve stopped playing. If so… that a different level of sad.

Did that help? That said, wars are mostly fine. Only thing that really needs changing is a watchlist type feature.

(Dom Arkaral) #420


It always was, and it always will

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Well I am playing!

Ask Yellow Pasarol about that!

Not for me, but if it helped you then no big deal.

We are actually in agreement here in that the mechanics are largely fine and my EA suggestion is what will change things for the better.

PS Now I just read your freighter ganking thread and realised why Dom and you got a bit uptight at me, OK… LMFAO

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The comment wasn’t meant to be taken literally. The intent was to say something like, “Hello guys and gals. We are playing an internet spaceship game called Eve Online. It can be pretty ruthless and definitely has a cut-throat pvp atmostphere. If you don’t like it you can kindly GTFO. Have a nice day.”

Again, why do I care what an unsubscribed person thinks? I don’t care who it is.

Help me help you!


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So you subbed again…pitty.

Oh good, 3 year old Dracvlad.

No, you were telling everyone else whether it was content or not.

No Kreskin. I said I don’t understand wanting to log in a just chew rocks. Nothing more, nothing less. Your mind reading ability is just as bad as when we had the old forums.

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Almost a year and doing more than you mate and enjoying it too, just got on a couple of Purple Helmeted Warrior carriers, really enjoyed it…

Now run along to the AFK cloaky thread and make it all about you, you know you want to…

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What? Both of those quotes are actually consistent. The first one means that content is defined by the player himself. If one player considers something fun and/or worth doing, then it is content. The second is restating that view. Content is dependent on the players.

No, I’m a know-it-all jerk. Sheesh get it right.

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No I prefer it this way.

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Now run along to the AFK cloaky thread and make it all about you, you know you want to…

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You should cut down on the interpretation and focus more on what is actually written. Nowhere was stated that those quotes aren’t consistent. If Iwould have thought so, I would have written so.

This is true as long as there is anything that can be content. If nothing happens (as in many war decs) there is also nothing that can be called content (and this is actually the point where I agree with Drac).

(Dracvlad) #430

It is totally that, what has bothered me is that most people don’t bother engaging, or log off for a week which is not healthy, it is anti-content so to speak.

This is why I suggested the EA that gives back some sort of watch list capability but when it is active it is vulnerable to being blown up, so people with limited SP can start to have an impact if they have the will to do so and over time with that attitude develops a more robust attitude to war decs and PvP in hisec.

Thanks for seeing it.

(Faylee Freir) #431

Do you think they don’t bother to do anything because they know that in most cases they are either incapable of fighting back or think they will lose?

Remember this is a game where people value their time spent farming and gaining. It doesn’t surprise me that people at war run away, claim that high-sec is for scrubs and to go to Low / Null, all while throwing rocks at a distance.

Just because they seem unable or because their desired gameplay doesn’t reside in highsec doesn’t mean they are right. The hilarious thing is that if everyone honestly steps back and evaluates the kind of gameplay that goes on in every single area of space… it’s all the ■■■■■■■ same. Some niches are more risk averse than others. The fact that some nullsec elitists talk ■■■■ is hilarious.

Why is it my fault if someone is weaker, more incompetent, or too “elite” to form a fleet to properly kill a wardec group?

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That is a major element of it certainly from my experience, I also noted a lot of older players could not be bothered to go after people like Marmite or VMG because it was boring content. I was in the situation where I was trying to get my corp to go for Marmite all out and the experienced players just did not want to do it, much to my irritation.

Well actually what is the value in doing anything about it, for example I don’t like P I R A T who have us war decked currently, but I just cannot be bothered to organise something because their content is dreadful. So if you want to call that throwing rocks at a distance then feel free, but I have the same sort of not being bothered when kitey stuff is reported in local, the only time I react is when certain decent players are set up and ready and then they die.

I don’t know why you are telling me something that is damn obvious, though not the bumping, lol.

Why is it my fault if most of Eve finds your content extremely boring and totally not worth their playing time?

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As if people prefered 90% TiDi lmao