Abuse of Bounties

Recently I’ve been the target of a crap load of Bounties placed on my character EVERY FREAKING TIME I ask a question on the Rookie Room…This is the 1 room Bounties Should No it be allowed to be placed on people… it really discourages game growth and development…i am less then a 15 DAY old character and for the last 5 days In that Room a bounty has been placed on my head…this freaking redicoulous… what department of EVE do I report this abuse @???

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Dear sir, you misunderstand. The mark of the Savior is a blessing!

A bounty of 315,315 ISK is a sign that you are loved.

You’ve inspired me to spread the love! Everyone in Arnon is about to get a bounty. brb

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Weak troll, 3/10

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Bounties mean very little. The bounty hunting mechanics where weak to begin with. And after changing watch lists and payout mechanics that entire profession got dragged behind the barn and shot.

No one is going to target you just because of your bounty. Hell most people won’t even realize you have one until they get the payout notification.

Ignore it and move on

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Bounties are useless, they don’t change a thing in terms of game mechanics, they don’t allow you to be attacked without concord, etc., nor will they make you more likely to be ganked. In fact, many people see bounties as a badge of honour. As such, since they are useless it seems to me it is impossible to “abuse” a bounty.

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The only thing bounties are good for is so they can get a notification of the how and when of your death to another player at some point. So unless you are in the habit of doing something incredibly stupid repeatedly its a non-issue.

Oh and they find it a fun way to mine salt from newer players that don’t get just how worthless the system is in the long run.

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He’s an alt troll trying to provoke you into placing bounty’s on him so that he can farm them. - in otherwords he’ll profit from them

This type of posting isn’t helpful as it may put off genuine new players from posting in the rookie channel

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He won’t profit, it only pays out 10% of the value of the lost ship, he loses :stuck_out_tongue:

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Twenty percent of the value of the ship, or the pod. Or each.

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Okay, before this thread gets out of hand I am going to close it.

@Gorgon_Deangelo, the bounty system is valid within game mechanics and pilots do not need a reason to place a bounty on others. A bounty does not make a player a valid target in High Security space, someone would still need a legal reason to attack you, for example you would need to be a criminal, suspect, have a kill right, or be at war with someone before they can legally kill you in High Security space. For this reason, a bounty doesn’t usually make someone a target.

However, if you feel there is someone in the Rookie Help channel who is targeting new players specifically when placing bounties, you can file a support ticket https://support.eveonline.com. Please give the Game Master team the name of the person who gave you the bounty, a date and time and any other information that you feel might be helpful.

You can view more information on the bounty system here: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Bounty_Hunting_System.