Bounties are pointless

so like this dude… Abuse of Bounties I had trolls putting bounties on me… its not like you can collect them so what the hell’s the point of bounties… outside uber rich players trolling newbies in the rookie chat?.. I think if you put a bounty on someone who hasent been on the game long you should probably be banned from rookie chat channel for trolling… I mean hell at one point I had a bounty over 91 million on me due to some idiot wasting his money just to troll me… I think its people like that that make new players leave the game entirely in fear of losing all theyre stuff.

I think bounties should just be disabled entirely against new players under 2 years old and people with a Security status 0.0 or higher… that just makes sense for one… but also at least let people collect 50% of the bounty so they can get something from hunting people… otherwise its pointless.

You can’t place a bounty on a player that is less than 30 days old, and if you are more than 30 days old you get booted out of Rookie Help chat. It’s a non-issue. If you are still in Rookie Help past the 30 days, then you voluntarily re-subbed to that chat.

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Stop it…too much laughter…

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You can in fact collect them. A lot of players see the bountys on their head as signs of honor. Check out markeedragon. His bounty came from people, who admire him.
The bounty plus the security status of a person can also tell you, how dangerous or annoying they are.

My bounty came from another miner, who claimed a highsec system for herself and her friends, and didn’t wanted me to mine there.
But that was years ago and she has since cooled down.

You do know that you are going to get a couple billion more ISK in bounty on your head for that post, right?


So why are you here whining about it?

You are appsolutely right!
Therefore, you shouldn’t be worried about them!!

You should check out those filaments

To make newbies rage about it

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If they are pointless, why you care?

Dumbest proposal ever! If bounties had points it would make it impossible for players with a bounty to warp around. Way overpowered.

yes they are
the first bounty i put in a guy cost me years of eve mails … one day i told the guy … and he was like … i get this all the time dude lol

Probably the point of his post?

2/10 for a little effort, but no bounty tip from me.

And also:

Imagine being so bad at EVE you consider yourself a new player after spending over a year on the same game.

All this for something that’s “pointless”… :roll_eyes:

Don’t like it, don’t use it, nobody is forcing you to use it

You’re probably at greater risk by not having a Wanted sign imo

Bounties are a great source of entertainment. And they tell you exactly when people get killed.


This is also true and a valid purpose of the system

If youre going to complain about it, then it clearly wasnt pointless.

Infact, Id argue that it did its job, and was very useful.

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Bounties are EvE’s high fives and hugs.

–Gadget loves you all to pieces
(some into tiny irradiated pieces)

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No, ■■■■ off.

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It would make considerably more sense to change the bounty system into something interesting and meaningful that has an impact on gameplay and player behaviour.

OP is correct in that bounties are pointless, just not in the way he means. People could place a billion in bounties on the OP, it won’t have any meaningful impact on his gameplay. Nobodies going to kill him in his noobship for a tiny fraction of the bounty, and anyone who’s likely to actually kill him probably doesn’t even check the bounty before doing so.

Some people even use bounties as a positive tracking mechanism (or at least we used to, I haven’t checked this recently): Place a bounty on a friend, corp mate, or new player you’re mentoring, and you get a notification every time some player kills them. Helps you keep track of how they’re doing.

OP, your mistake is in thinking that the bounties placed on you have any effect at all. They just scare new players who don’t understand them, but they really are 99% meaningless.