Bounty Hunter On miners for fun

I am new player and i was fly with my new Barge Procucer , he comes on me one pirate and blow my ship that is ok no worries , but that pirate after HE BOUNTY ME and when i start to talk to NPC corporation Scoopes about that they make fun with me other players from the same NPC corporation and gives me more bounty right now i am a New player i play only 1 month and i got 3.5bilion ISK BOUNTY because i dont kill anyone just they make fun on me .
But after that i see the community in EVE is TRASH why to destroy my first steps to the game with BOUNTY for FUN? i have lost my ship when i was mining and for BONUS I GET AND BOUNTY?
WHY ? WHAT IS THIS CULTURE IN EVE TO PUT BOUNTY FOR FUN ? The right was to be you can get bounty only if you have make some criminal act or you have stole something but not like that. I DONT KNOW IF I RETURN TO THE GAME RIGHT NOW i cant fly some with not to be target , with the BOUNTY i am like GREEN LIGHT TO START SHOOT ME EVERYONE EVERYWHERE. I dont shoot on person , i didnt stole any but still players for FUN GIVES ME 3.5BILIONS ISK BOUNTY . How the CCP think will draw new players with this system ? Why put bounty to miners after you have blow his ship?

Calm down. Bounties do nothing right now. Specially if the ship you fly means nothing, people nowadays won’t get out of their way to kill you just because of a bounty in high sec.

He pretty much wasted money, so jokes on him

And this culture is the same as every culture you see in all MMOs, it’s called the “people that grief to enjoy your tears on a morning breakfast”

Be stronger than them and ignore their attention begging words.

Bounties are largely meaningless. The only thing they do is give someone who killed you a little bit of ISK. They do not grant a killright for your head nor allow people to legally destroy your ship in high sec.

If you take more precautions and don’t get yourself killed every day/hour/week, that player pretty much wasted his ISK on you. And if you fly a Procuror with proper tank and some gank (ie. drones), with that bounty on you and a friend/corp mate helping you (reps, additional DPS, ewar) it is even possible for you to bait people into attacking you.

how can to calm down when from the NPC corporation gives me Bounty for fun ? When i get Bounty because one pirate blow my ship ? I dont know the game so good but i know many people hunt bounty players , i am new player and my skill training is not good enough for pvp for can protect my self anyone with 3 months skills training can kill me the only think i was make is to mining and try fix my economic for the future to use on good ships . But now with Bounty i cant go to 0,4 low sec to mining because i need to mining there for can use the materials to industry and keep playing . Right now i have stock to high sec with no reason and i mining veldspar and scordite but the materials i need is Jaspet for my industry . So what i make now ? i go out with my ship and left someone kill me ? to lose one more ship ? 1 month i play this game i cant afford 1-4 ships because someone makes me fun . I really like this game but after this after this community i found i think dont worth it .

It was not the NPC corp that put the bounty on you… It was the player, he wasted money, and no just because you have billions of isk worth of bounty it does not mean that whoever kills you will get that amount, they only got a portion equivalent to the ship you are flying, which means that in High Sec, since you are not a criminal or anything, they need to kill you, and to kill you they need a nice ship, and if they attack you CONCORD will attack them, simple as that, if you are on a ship you can easily replace they will end up loosing more than they are getting.

More on bounties here:

Just continue with your business, trust me when I say that in High Sec no one will bother in killing you because of the bounty.

So I repeat: Calm down, don’t cry, that is what they want, they want your tears, man up and laugh to yourself at how they wasted billions just for a bounty.

To some, a bounty is a badge of honor!

You should wear with pride such a large bounty!



I dont cry is a game , just i am angry because i lose my time to one Game that i thought worth it because of community , but they show me dont worth . When you destroy the first steps of one new player then you must start release the community never grow more just will be smaller and smaller. Now why to pay 1 month again to continue to play ? What is the reason when they Bounty you for fun and for not reason ? Why the CCP dont have one system to give Bounty only to people when kill other peoples criminals or suspecious ?

Then don’t be angry, again, he wasted billions just to try and taste your tears, not everybody is like that guy, trust me, you were just unlucky, it happens everywhere. Just like any game, we got cool people, okay people and assholes, don’t let One Guy ruin your perspective.

It’s one of the more unfortunate things in a sandbox game like EvE. People are free to do as they wish, and that includes being an arse.

I would suggest that you ignore the bounty and try the various aspects of the game. If you enjoy the game then you can completely mitigate the bounty on you by flying cheaper ships in high sec and looking at joining a losec/null/WH group where it becomes entirely meaningless.

Hopefully you’ll like the game enough to stay and make that bounty a complete waste of time and ISK

Isnt a Badge of honor when you are new player like me and you still learn the game and some retards makes fun on you and stop you to make mining to low sec because of bounty . Now everyone will come visit me in asteroid to kill me because of bounty , with not bounty only pirates will come . But with bounty Pirates and other random players will chase you and that is normal. So now i must to die and to buy again ship or to stay at high sec and mining veldspar and scordite and this 2 ores i dont need for my industry so what? i stay high sec and i lost my time by safe? or i go die i lose my ship and i will make 2 weeks to industry and sell items for can afford one ship ? WTF ?

Isnt was 1 guys they was 4 guys .

As others have said, the Bounty means next to nothing.

You would have to be flying a ship worth billions for them to get billions from you. They only get 20% of the value of your ship from destroying your ship, every ISK of Bounty on you beyond that is unavailable to them.

So if you are flying a 1 million value ship they will get 200k out of your 3.5 billion. This is not going to make anyone relentlessly hunt you down. Basically the value of your ship and what’s on it / in it is still far more important than the Bounty on you, at least until you are flying a ship worth 15 billion or more (and even then I assume you would be more upset about the loss of your 15 billion ISK ship than them being able to take all the 3.5 billion Bounty on you).

The Bounty system is sadly a joke in EVE. It would be nice if it meant something, and there are ways to make it mean something, but as it stands it’s laughable.

Calm down, log back in, play and stop worrying about your Bounty.

Mining in Low Security, everyone will come and kill you without bounty too.

Lowsec is most dangerous to mine.

Then you were ganked, it happens to everybody. Fit your ship to have some tank so hopefully you survive the next encounter, most of the time miners, even with tank fits, die to gankers because they bring enough people and enough firepower to take you down before CONCORD shows up in high sec.

Maybe it is your name. Nice PPL dont like a THIEF. You chose a pejorative endearing name on purpose?

Right know you show me like the others in game when make fun with me . So people like you is the community . So for you Because my nickname they bounty me with no reason ? and because of the name one pirate blow my ships but to blow my ship one pirate is ok i accept it , but after the pirate to give me and Bounty when he kills me ? The topic is about why other players old players destroy the first steps of new players like me with bounty and to make them fun ? Because i dont know so much the game ? why you and others know the game 100%

See, the fun they have is blowing up ships and hearing the victims cry, they have NO IDEA if you are a new player or an alt.

I didnt cry to the guy who blow me up . I DIDNT cry never , the only think was after he kill me he gives me bounty he refuge to make private conservation this pirate so i left i go to my station to my new clone , and then i write to NPC corp about this situation and 4 others players from my NPC corp start make fun with me and gives me 3.5bilions Bounty . that is the story . So you still think they blow me this idiots ? no only one pirate and after the other 4 just make fun with my situation and grow my bounty . That is the community i found in EvE by my exp . and that happens before 7 hours .

You might have not cried directly to them, but you did on the NPC corp, which automaticly made more people put a bounty on you to hear you complain more, which is exactly what you are doing here.

You think they don’t read forums or that they don’t belong to NPC corps with alts or something? You were unlucky, you got engaged by douchebags because nobody stays in NPC corps for long, only if they have an alt to keep the alt free of war to haul or mine or whatever

The very moment you complain, where ever it is, the people that want to hear you “cry” more will instantly attack you.