Bounty Hunter On miners for fun

(Wanda Fayne) #21

Eve is hard.

People laugh, because they remember when they were new and people laughed at them too.

Don’t take it personal, it is just that way. Laugh with them, laugh at yourself too.
We are not making fun of you. We are making fun of ourselves.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #22

Been ganked as well, in the most strangest way ever, the very moment I decloak from a gate this cruiser insta-locks on me and warp scrambles me, keeping me there while it shoots at will

Little do these people know, I always tank my ships, it would take at least 4-6 of them to take down one of my haulers

As a punishment for them, not only did they loose a ship, which means money wasted, but I also made my kill rights available to everyone, ever since I never saw them again. Only alts that this person keeps making in a corp called “Mischief Managed.”, I am probably in a list titled “Do not disturb” hahaha

(Sindara T'Soni) #23

They are not there to be your friends StarLord Thief, they are the enemy, the danger, the threat.

I am sure you have played many other games where NPC enemies attack you for no reason regardless of how new you are and kill you easily because you don’t know what you are doing yet, or don’t have the right gear (try playing Dark Souls).

You accept that happens in games. You can’t post on forums asking them not to attack you. You can’t send them an in-game mail asking them why or tell them to leave you alone in local chat. They are NPCs and don’t care.

Just because the role of aggressor in EVE is most commonly other players, that doesn’t mean you should complain about them or be able to force them to leave you alone because you don’t want to be attacked by them.

The players provide the danger and the threat in this game. Stop taking it personally. That’s like getting killed by a dragon in a fantasy game and taking it personally. In EVE, the players are the dragons.

(StarLord Thief) #24

Yeah good job , my skills training isnt so high my armor and shields is not even lvl 4 i dont care about ganks in asteroids in low sec is normal that and i can live with this , i cant accept to give me bounty other players with no reason for to make fun and destroy the first steps of one new player. That isnt fun but ■■■■ people think is fun .
So before 10 hours i was i need to login in eve i want mining industry explore to talk in chat with other people to learn the game more . But now after this experience i have lost my mood about the game for now when old players make fun to new players , and the others old players dont said nothing just watch that show me community of EvE is Trash. And when you are in game with trash (i talk about my situation not to you private - but with my experience what i get from eve far now) then , the game is trash to.

(StarLord Thief) #25

I dont talk about i die or i lose my ship .
I TALK ABOUT TO USE BOUNTY TO NEW PLAYERS WITH NO REASON , so you support this situation ? to give Bounty to a miner with no reason ? and to make fun on him ? and to be in same corp NPC? wtf is that?
We talk about RESPECT not if you die or not in the game .

(Arcanith Lionheart) #26

Again like I said before, nobody pays attention to NPC corps, people that are in there are either new people or alts that don’t care with the chat. And even if they did they know perfectly bounties mean nothing, so don’t act like its the end of the world to have a bounty on you.

Find a corporation where you can make friends, join that corporation and learn with the good people, ignore the rude people. You could even try to join EvE University and learn with people there the right way, its what I did the first time I started playing, they even have dedicated times to make lessons about things!

And again I will state, not everybody is an asshole, otherwise we would be trashing you down as well rather than trying to say its ok.

(Sindara T'Soni) #27

So can you cry to an NPC dragon in a fantasy game when it doesn’t respect you?

I remember you from Rookie Help, you went on and on about your Bounty at the time, and dozens of people told you it meant nothing (just like in this thread) and you ignored everyone. You probably earned yourself another billion or so of the total right there.

At this point you just seem to be trolling, because you’re ignoring anything sensible anyone says in favour of ranting about the awful Bounty and how it has destroyed the game for you, when it has done no such thing.

We are not going to cry with you over a Bounty.

Players are the enemy, they do not have to respect you, any more than a fantasy dragon does. Get used to that.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #28

(StarLord Thief) #29

You living in a fantasy , you was online and you saw what happend .
You make one move to talk them ? To help one New player?
No you dont said nothing you hide and you watch from behind , that style of you is the style of community i saw a Trash one . And we dont talk about fantasy and dragons we talk about ships and space or sci -fi .

(Arcanith Lionheart) #30

You were right Sindara

(Sindara T'Soni) #31

“You living in a fantasy” - playing a game is living in a fantasy.

It doesn’t matter fantasy and dragons or ships and space, the point is you cannot control what the enemy does to you in a fantasy / sci-fi environment in a game.

This is not a 3 year old being beaten up by a Kung Fu master in real life. This is gaming.

You are a Dark Souls player asking the skeleton in the first tunnel not to kill you because you only have a wooden stick to fight with and you are new. It doesn’t work like that.

(Sindara T'Soni) #32

Sadly, I think so.

(StarLord Thief) #33

Do you know what is sadly ? You are because when happend that and i talk you stay behind and you watch you didnt said nothing to them , and after here you are to comment on my topic when before you didnt comment when you was online and you was see what happend just let the community to attack one new player with not to said them something like old player you are. I have play plenty MMO games , and i recognize a good good always from community , and a good community dont let trash to control the game and destroy new players . 30k players play online arround every day in eve the 50% is second accounts so 15k players max playing and less , and then your community in eve keep make the new players to left the game with make fun and place BOUNTY if you want stay in topic dont talk about Dragons , Just answer on this question : Is right to make fun one new player and place him a BOUNTY ? YES OR NO?

(Wanda Fayne) #34


(Arcanith Lionheart) #35

This is going to be my last post because I am tired of feeding the troll.

Sindara says you were in rookie help complaining about it, and also said several people told you “It doesn’t matter” yet you continued complaining, of course people won’t help you if you just keep crying like you are right now because of a bounty when they all say “It does not matter”, because people don’t like it when they are ignored over something that does not matter, so since they don’t like how you don’t like something that does not matter they decide to further enhance what does not matter to have you complain more about what does not matter because you can’t stop for a minute and listen.

(StarLord Thief) #36

I didnt complaining in rookie help , i was complainning in NPC corp scoopes.

(Sindara T'Soni) #37

Your question is based on a lie, so the answer is irrelevant.

A bounty does not:
a) matter
b) change anything
c) make fun of you
d) destroy your game

Is it okay for players to place bounties on other players in a game where placing bounties on other players is allowed?


(Arcanith Lionheart) #38

Then you are also a liar because you confronted Sindara about not helping you when she mentioned you were in Rookie Help complaining.

Just stop digging your grave and play the damn game.

(StarLord Thief) #39

Lie ? so now you start make me show like a liar ?
Happend how i said the situation ?
And people when makes fun to other peoples and think is nice that then is ■■■■ people inside and outside .
I am sure in your reall life you and others have the same mind and ideas like you is cowards no balls .
I have learn to play one sandbox game like i my true personality and my personality dont allow me to make fun or jokes against persons / players because they are new . I have some proud like person/player you have nothing just you support ■■■■ people because you make same think keep stay in this side of life will be the day when turn back to you .

(StarLord Thief) #40

You believe sindara and not me , you call me a liar . because sindara call me liar . and sindara accept and think is nice and good to put bounty to new players with no reasson . So you choice which side of people you want be . So fck the game and the community with ■■■■ people .