Bounty Hunter On miners for fun

(Sindara T'Soni) #41

Sorry but at this point this whole thread is like that moment when a kid drops it’s ice cream on the pavement and won’t stop screaming over it even though you’re holding another one telling them it’s alright …

Play or don’t play, it’s your call, but we are not here to be your pacifier.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #42

That’s me as well, but the only exception is people that don’t listen.

You complain about bounties, we say its not a problem
You complain about how people don’t help, we keep saying its not a problem
You complain people add more bounties because you complain on the same corp of the pirate THAT CAN READ WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT, we keep saying its not a problem

We tried to help, and we are being less inclined to help, because none of what you complain about matters and we try and try to tell you “its fine, he is an asshole and wasted isk on you so laugh at them” and you just go on and complain more

Also the reason I believe you are the one lying was because Sindara did say you were in Rookie Help and again like I mentioned on the post you replied YOU confronted her about that, which means you WERE there and now you are trying to slime away.

All this crap just because of some assholes you found, you are a sad person to talk to.

(StarLord Thief) #43

You are idiot ? or you troll me ? YOU WRITE ME i was in ROOKIE help and i complaind there. Never said i was in Rookie Help . Check the comments before to answer. I WAS COMPLAIND IN NPC SCOPE CORP only not in Rokie Help , even i dont know what the fck is this Rokie Help . the only chats i have in game is locar and NPC CORP scope and the new recruitments for corp .

(Arcanith Lionheart) #44

You might not said it directly, but you confirmed by replying to her and asking her that. And if you have the intelligence to join a recruitment channel then you have the intelligence, as a new player, to understand Rookie Help is a channel to help people, including new people, where NPC CORPS most of the time DO NOT CARE, specially if the pirate you complained about is IN THE SAME CORP HEARING YOU COMPLAIN which in turn will want you to complain MORE

Just stop it already

Stop it

Go make good friends and stop complaining

Now excuse me, I’m muting this thread because this is taking too much of my attention on something that doesn’t matter.

(StarLord Thief) #45

I was mean about Npc Corp Scope .
Never was in rokie help wtf is that.

(Hank Shank) #46

Who else feels like putting a bounty on him right now?

(Buoytender Bob) #47

If he spent half the time he does moaning in forums on learning the damn game, then he wouldn’t have so many problems.
Otherwise, ahoy Troll!

(Keno Skir) #48

The bounty is meaningless. It is not important, and does not give anyone ability to shoot you.

They give you bounty for fun because it is just for fun and will not stop you enjoying the game.

Ignore it.

Welcome to EvE.

(yellow parasol) #49

Okay, you liar. what are you going to do about it? write in caps on the forums?

Boo ■■■■■■■ hoo.

Enjoy even more bounty once i logged in.

(Keno Skir) #50

Not sure what you’re on about mate, he clearly said you should call him a liar.

(yellow parasol) #51

I really, really just want to pretend he didn’t mean what he said and he’s just too infantile to actually understand it.

Damn, Keno, well done. :smiley:

(Keno Skir) #52

Well yeah that too, but i think he’s just foreign and trying to use google translate to have a go at us.

(yellow parasol) #53

I’m not convinced that he’s intentionally trolling.

(Keno Skir) #54

No i don’t think so. He’s just very butt-hurt because he thinks bounties mean something. I’m happy to be the target of his vents :slight_smile:

(yellow parasol) #55

The funny thing is that, at a certain point, they actually do. Bounties are great pocket income for suicide gankers. i’d pick a pod or ship with bounty, over an empty one, every day. in the bigger picture though, yeah, all they do is hurting inflated egos. Which, i guess, is a plus anyway.

(Keno Skir) #56

Yeah pod gankers spring to mind as the greatest beneficiaries of the bounty system. Can gank a pod in the cheapest ship ever.

(yellow parasol) #57

I feel like it should be somehow expanded into proper gameplay for the suiciders. it’s perfect for them.

(Max Deveron) #58

One of the things some players do some times, is place bounties on those that complain about them(the bounties), run their mouth in a foul way, cry on the forums, explode and cry in local…

Refrain from any of that and you stop getting bounties placed on you.

(Hank Shank) #59

I’ve actually found people that gank newbies will drop you some ISK or something if you’re cool.

(eVangelos Dracarys) #60

Guys , he is not a liar Starlord Thief , i was there when he talk about his situation and everybody laugh about him and make fun on him . And dont make fun with him because of his english we dont have all in here motherlanguage the english start to respect litle bit the players and persons in here , in game and in real life stop be CUNTS .
If we continue make fun to new players we will play the same and same persons only new players more fun in game more oppurtinities to see something new and differend . And yes is bad to bounty a new player and miner without have make anything against you .
And to all players and persons make fun and talk like they talk i see in this topic against him well stop BULLY and start to learn respect . Otherwise , if you dont respect someone then you are just a empty trash . Nothing more Nothing less. And Starlord Thief man i didnt talk when make you fun because is all this guys assholes and still living with her mother they dont have respect for nothing so ignore them block them and return to the game . If you want add me i will ask to take you in our corp and i will learn you the game the secrets staffs and many other thinks . When you are ready come in game to talk .