Bounty Hunter On miners for fun

(Wanda Fayne) #61

Here. Have a bounty.
And watch your language, please.

(eVangelos Dracarys) #62

Bounty that suspose to scary me or to piss me off? give me a bounty 20 bil please that is my alt character no implants , i will take my main character and i blow up this alt character and i will give your bounty to this character i think isnt threat but donation from you to me . And you said me watch my language ? because I offended you with what i said ? ohh i thought you are a badass you said before when Starlord Thief ask you YES OR NO , go man and be pirate to miners and kill them and after bounty them . Players like you is cowards no experience about pvp just one regular pirate who is scary to be against in really fight.
And Wanda Fayne before speak think first. You and others when you make fun to one person that shows ZERO respect as i said TRASH nothing more ,nothing less.

(yellow parasol) #63

How is this not just an alt of the OP??

(eVangelos Dracarys) #64

LoL , LMAO yes is alt of the OP …
Hahahah what a people .

(yellow parasol) #65

2009 called and wants the old bounty mechanic back. You will never get rid of it, because each and every time someone shoots you down, only 20% of the value of your loss will be paid out.

For you specifically I will give an example:

To reduce your bounty by 20 million isk, you have to lose a ship, or pod, worth 100 million isk.

Have fun shooting yourself, kid. :blush:

(yellow parasol) #67

Nope. And if you spent time thinking before you post, you’d make less silly mistakes. if you, addtionally to that, dropped the embarrassing wannabetoughguy act, you might notice how you make yourself look like a kid that asks for some serious spanking.

Anyhow, as you apparently don’t meet the age requirements of this game, i’ll just report you and hope they lock this thread. Feel free to bath in your childish anger. i suggest doing so in game. it will enlighten you eventually.

(eVangelos Dracarys) #68

Repport me , but you will get repport to for bully new players . But your words shows which one kid feel free to bath in childish anger as you said .
But as i said that is my last comment in here with CUN TS and Trash nothing more nothing less i dont waste my time , i just write to Starlord Thief just the new player to knows is good players arround in this HELL eve . You are funny but not so much to focus me on forum cause of you. And continue to support other Cun ts because you are so small .

(yellow parasol) #69

Report :blush:

Also, at this point it’s obvious that you’re OP’s alt, but keep trying.

Have the last word, kid! You seem to need it, to feel better! I promise i won’t respond. :slight_smile:

Friendly advise: you might want to watch your back in the game a bit more carefully from now on. :slight_smile:

(Keno Skir) #70

In Soviet Russia, child come out like this :dealwithitparrot:

(Sindara T'Soni) #71

So we are the disrespectful trash (and all sorts of other things I won’t repeat and would probably get banned for if I did) because we try to explain that a bounty means nothing and try to pacify someone having a meltdown over nothing, but the OP and his ‘friend’ (lol) are paragons of virtue, manners, politeness and respect?

Ooookay :rofl:

Of course you escalate the situation when you go insane in chat channels in game and then here on the forum over something everyone is telling you is nothing to worry about. Even I am tempted to log in and give you more Bounty right now, and I have never put a Bounty on anyone.

I see dozens of Rookies every week get a Bounty and ask, slightly worried, what it means, if people will come and hunt them down and kill them, what they have done wrong, why someone has done that to them … and without fail they calmly accept it when we tell them about it’s lack of importance.

I guess there always has to be that one exception … :roll_eyes:

(Tannia Ambrye) #72

It’s probably just because I don’t know how bounties work, but doesn’t the person who placed the bounty have to pay for everytime someone collects on your head? Now, if this is not true this won’t be as effective, but you could make some money off of this while putting a dent in his. Just get a cheap ship, insure it, let someone blow you up, $profit$!

Just a thought.

(Sindara T'Soni) #73

I believe the placer pays when they place the Bounty, so that part is over and done with. If you put 1 million ISK on someones head, it costs you 1 million ISK there and then. Who collects it when and where and in what amounts is nothing to do with the placer from that moment on :slight_smile:

(CCP Falcon) #74

(CCP Falcon) #75

Thread closed. Trolling and ranting.