Abyss Empty cans

Even if CCP said no more empty cans after patch i still got one. And the reward tbh i think its worse than before. Is anyone else having ■■■■ drop?

Step up to Tier 3 filaments or prepare to be disappointed.
And yes, the loot at Tier 3 is noticeably better. Problem is everything is already so saturated that you’re essentially running these for that rare Gravid or Unstable drop.

I was actually talking about Raging. Tier 4

I honestly couldn’t say. The update said Tier 4 and 5’s were getting nerfed, though.

The update said no more empty cans. and i got an empty can

You should feel special then! No loot for you!

Actually, no. The patch notes say

  • Abyss loot drops have been updated to be more rewarding at all tiers.
  • Triglavian Survey data appears much more frequently.
  • Gravid and Unstable Mutaplasmids are slightly more common in tier 3 pockets.
  • Tier 4 and 5 filaments drop chance slightly reduced.
  • Compact and Scoped Entropic Disintegrator variations now drop as 1 run blueprints rather than completed modules.

Nowhere does it say “no empty cans”

hmmm just read the patch notes again. i swear there was a no empty cans thing

That’s because there was in one of their updates. You’re not seeing things. Whether this got scrapped on release is anyone’s guess.

If I remember correctly it said less empty cans not no empty cans.

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