Abyss Nightmare Mod / T6+ / T6++

2 Nightmare mods for abyss wich offer hard waves only or even ultrahard waves only

:smiley: the thing is im borred bout the T6 i run and i want a ultra hard mod so it stays hard

the loot can be 10% more for T6+ and 20% for T6++

because i do 10-12-14 minute T6 runns and encountered alot of hardcore scenarias and i would like a mod where its hard waves only for some more loot :smiley:

How about you first try to use different ships that whatever made T6 easy mode?

we already have that, it’s called cataclysmic firestorm. if you want it even harder, you can try a turret ship or a sub 2b fit. you are asking for a solution to a problem that you have created yourself by “outblinging” the mechanics of the abyss.

while i would like to see more abyssal content, some revisions, new abyssal viable ships, better ship variety, etc, i don’t think your suggestion makes sense with the current state of abyss. before it should be expanded, i think the scaling and some issues need to be addressed first.

i would like to see the difficulty level more equalized between the different weathers and abyssal ships. exotics and electricals are super easy now compared to firestorms and then there are the ships that trivialize the content, especially the gila and stormbringer.

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